Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Redesign Released by Flame Toys

Flame Toys

A redesign of the Mighty Morphin Megazord has been unveiled by Flame Toys. The iconic pre-historic Mecha from Power Rangers has been given a fresh and modern look for a special toy released by the company. This redesign features a dramatic difference between the original and the remake that changes the proportions, features, and details of the Megazord released in the first season of Power Rangers. Both the Megazord and the Zords that form it have been given an upgrade that drastically changes their overall appearance. 

Originally from the Super Sentai series’ Zyuranger, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord remains as one the most iconic Mecha in geek pop culture, with this Megazord being the most renowned compared to many that come after within other seasons. The Megazord has also been redesigned many times before, including a season 2 redesign that never went past the design process, and a movie version for Lionsgate’s Power Ranger released in 2017. The foundation of the Megazord remains the same as the Zords that form the Mecha including a Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Saber-Tooth Tiger, and a Pterodactyl. Each is a mechanical partner to the Ranger of the corresponding color.  


Flame Toys is a Japanese high-end toys company that has remade and redesigned many iconic Mecha. These include highly detailed figures that have been seen in the Transformers franchise, which include characters from various seasons and generations. They have also redesigned characters seen in franchises such as Pacific Rim, GI Joe, and Ultraman. However, Power Rangers is now getting this high-end treatment with another release coming soon. 

Mighty Morphin Megazord, the Flame Toys Redesign 

Flame Toys Dino Megazord

Flame Toys have partnered with Hasbro to create a brand-new design for the Mighty Morphin Megazord, that sees features never seen in the original design. This includes guns from the cannons seen in the tank form, plus redesigning the Pterodactyl Zord to form the Sword and even wings for the Megazord form. The redesign has given the Megazord a structure seen in the proportions Gundam Mecha, but still retains the formation ratio of the parts that create the form. Articulation has also been dramatically improved, allowing for various poses to be possible. Here are the images of the Flame Toys Mighty Morphin Megazord. 

The Megazord can also still separate into fully articulated Zords that create the Mecha form. These Zords have also been reconfigured in the new concept created by Flame Toys, which gifts them with more articulation and detail than they have had before. Some of the redesigns have also gifted certain Zords features that they didn’t have before. These include legs for the Triceratops Zord, which previously was only a tank-based vehicle with caterpillar tracks that it can still switch to. Here are the images showing the Zords that form the new Flame Toys’ Megazord that also show their Tank formation. 


The redesigned behemoth is something many fans were expecting from movies created for the franchise. The concept maintains the part-based configurations perfectly but still produces great details and features for both Megazord and Zord forms. The overall design proves that the whole concept doesn’t need to change, but the upgrade that grants the Triceratops optional legs and Wings for the Megazord is absolutely fantastic. Even the Sword made from the Pterodactyl was a nice touch, with the head still part of the Sword and becoming the Zord’s tail. It will certainly be a highly desired item for any fan of Power Rangers or Mecha in general. Features for the Megazord include the following. 

  • Die-cast Parts 
  • The Megazord combined will measure approximately 9.5 Inches tall 
  • Full Articulation
  • Can transform between Zords and Megazord formation. 

Flame Toys’ Dragon Zord Coming Soon 

Flame Toys Dragonzord

A redesign of the Dragon Zord has also been teased for release soon, as prototype and concept art images showcase the 6th Ranger’s Zord. This next addition will also be able to combine with the other zords that have been released, with images showing what the Dragon Zord Fighter mode will look like via concept sketches. The redesign of the Dragon Zord includes greater details on the chest piece, a head crest redesign, and a larger drill tail. Here are the images of the Flame Toys’ Dragon Zord that will be released in due time. 


The redesigned Dragon Zord looks more menacing than the original. The primary features of the Green Ranger’s Zord still remain but have been given a fresh look that gives them details beyond the original. It’s also fantastic that this Dragon Zord will still be able to combine with the other Zords previously released still. The best part is the teaser image seen behind the sketches, which shows that the Dragon Zord will still be able to combine with the Megazord to form the Ultrazord. This may suggest that the Titanus Carrier Zord could be an upcoming release that the company is still designing, however, it may depend on the popularity of the first Megazord released. 

The Flame Toys Power Rangers’ Mighty Morphin Megazord is set for release in July 2023. The price will be a modest $400 before shipping and handling costs.  

Flame Toys

What do you think of the Flame Toys’ Megazord? Are you going to obtain this redesigned high-end toy? Do you think the Dragon Zord has been redesigned better? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following our social media for more Power Rangers content like this.


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