Triple H Left Kurt Angle Snoring After Botched Pedigree

Triple H goes into detail about how a botched spot left Kurt Angle knocked out and snoring.
WWE Kurt Angle

Triple H goes into detail about how a botched spot left Kurt Angle knocked out and snoring.

Injuries and botches are extremely common in pro wrestling. Sometimes they are very obvious and other times it takes over 20 years to realize a Superstar had a concussion the entire match. 


Triple H was recently a guest on the IMPAULSIVE with WWE newest signee, Logan Paul. While on the podcast he was asked about one of the craziest moments of his career. He then went into detail about a botched Pedigree which knocked Kurt Angle out at SummerSlam 2000.

“One time, Rock, Kurt Angle and myself were in a storyline. We’re having a Triple-Threat match with a big pay-per-view,” Triple H said.  “Steph’s a part of that, she’s in the back as a part of that match. Kurt is going to get put through a table by me and I’m going to Pedigree him through a table. He’s going to get knocked out and they’re going to cart him off. Except we get up on the table, I hook Kurt’s arms and as we’re about to go for the Pedigree, the table breaks from underneath us and I’m looking down to try to protect Kurt cause I got his arms and like, the first rule… protect your opponent.

I’m trying to protect him, but we come down and I watch his head smash into a control box and we hit and I go down and I hear Kurt starts snoring. He’s out like cold so I put my hand on him. I go, ‘Kurt, you okay?’ and he wakes up and he starts trying to get up and take a mouthpiece that he doesn’t have in, out of his mouth.”

Triple H And Rock Left To Scramble

WWE Triple H vs Kurt Angle
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Triple H expressed regret for this match continuing because of what we now know about concussions.

Triple H tried to give Kurt Angle some time to recover, but it didn’t take long to realize he wasn’t going to be able to recover anytime soon. Angle was carted off to the back like planned, but it was for real this time. Triple H and Rock wrestled the match like planned. However, the finish of the match relied on him coming back out. During the match Triple H kept asking the referee if Angle was able to come back out and finish the planned match. 

“Rock and I are just working now. Now we’re off-script and we’re just working. We’re just talking to each other and at some point we’re getting feedback from the back through the referee and finally I just tell, it was Earl Hebner, I just tell Earl ‘Earl do not tell me one thing that they say from the back. I don’t give a sh*t.’ I need one thing.  Tell me if he is coming back and if he knows where he is. That’s it, that’s all I need to know and tell me when. 

We’ll just keep going until someone tells me he can come out or he ain’t coming and I’ll figure out a finish. About halfway through what we’re doing we’re in like uncharted territory. We get a note, Kurt can come back when you’re ready, he has no idea where he is.” 

Kurt Angle Is Feeling A Little Woozy

WWE Rock Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
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Rock and Triple H talk about Angle returning and finishing the match like planned. Stephanie McMahon has him and is leading him to the ring, but he is out-of-it and is glazed over. It became very clear Angle is not going to be able to do it alone. Triple H, Rock and McMahon lead him through the match telling him what to do spot by spot. Triple H even pulled Angle’s head down multiple times so Angle would avoid punches and sledgehammer blows.


Kurt Angle talked about the incident on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show. He confirms that he doesn’t remember much of the match. The last thing he remembers is getting Pedigreed on the announce table.  

The match looked great and looked like it went perfectly. Vince McMahon even told Kurt Angle how much he liked the match and that he would compensate Angle for his effort. We only find out years later that the match went-off-the-rails right at the start.

It’s Time To Play The Game

WWE Triple H
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This just goes to show how good the competitors are by being able to hide Angle’s concussion. Triple H recently retired from in-ring action after having a severe cardiac event late last year, so we won’t be able to see him in any new matches. He also has taken over as  executive vice president for Talent Relations and Head of Creative in WWE following Vince’s retirement.

If you are looking for more Logan Paul then look no further than WWE. Paul just had a big match with The Miz this past weekend at SummerSlam. We will see a lot more Paul very soon I’m sure.

Do you remember noticing anything off during this match? Do you think this match would have been as memorable if Kurt Angle wasn’t able to return? Leave a comment over on our social media and let us know if you think the match would have been as successful if Triple H or Rock were the ones to be concussed.  


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