Donbrothers: Awesome Merchandise Released For Devoted Sentai Fans


Latest Donbrothers items include a Premium Bandai Ninjark Sword released as a toy, the Noto warriors released as figures, along with a new Minipla and exclusive Alter set. The outfit for the 6th Ranger, Jiro, has also been unveiled as a premium product for cosplayers. The Sword belonging to evil Ranger, Don Murasame, will also include a 3 Avataro Gear exclusive set. These latest releases from the 46th Sentai have been previously announced, with the sword being a limited item. Only a silhouette image of the villain figures has been teased as an upcoming release for the iconic Toku warriors aligned with the show’s antagonists. 

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is the latest Super Sentai Series that is packed full of features. From Avataro Gears to Robotaro forms, the 46th installment in the franchise has gifted many releases for fans to enjoy. The most notable additions include Tokusatsu-themed Villains, micro-based Alter forms, and even two new Rangers as part of the show. The recent items that have been released also include premium Bandai merchandise that will be difficult to obtain for western fans. However, they are also some of the high-end products available for Sentai fans, which are treasures for any collector that loves the series. Here are the latest releases for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

DonbrothersPremium Bandai Ninjark Sword released for Don Murasame 

Donbrothers ninjak sword

The latest weapon belonging to the Dark Ranger of the series has been given a Premium Bandai release. The Ninjark Sword belonging to Ninja-like Don Murasame will be released for the shark-based Ranger. The Ninjark Sword so far in the show has been the vessel of the evil Ranger and the toy released will include various sounds and effects associated with the Ranger in the show.

An exclusive set of Avataro Gears will also come in the package, which feature different shark rangers in other Super Sentai teams. These gears include Sun Vulcan’s Vul Shark, Gaoranger’s Gao Shark, and ZyuOhger’s ZyuOh Shark. Here are the images of the Ninjark Sword, highlighted functions, and exclusive Avataro Gear sets.  


The Ninjark Sword is a fantastic addition to any fan’s collection as so far, it appears that this weapon is the Changer of the Ranger. The features and exclusive gear set along are enough to tempt most fans, but it will be an ideal collector’s item for fans of both the Evil Ranger and the show. It will be interesting to see if new gears are released as there are rumours that a Morpher will be included for this Ranger, but fans will have to see how the show unfolds for Don Murasame. 

Don Doragokuu Alter released with Fan-loved Sentai Alter 


As part of the Minipla line, Don Doragokuu Alter will be released as a special release with an exclusive Alter. Previously, only Lupinranger and Patoranger have had Alters released as exclusives but now they will be joined by the Gokaiger Alter. The Gokaiger Alter is based on the Gokai Gallon seen in the Pirate Sentai and will be released with the Minipla Don Doragokuu Alter. Images of the Don Doragokuu Alter and the Gokaiger Alter have been shown on social media, including previously released, Don Momotaro Alter combined with the exclusive. 


There has always been an excitement to see anything relating to Gokaiger so it’s great to finally see the Alter of this iconic Ranger series. It’s great that Don Doragokuu will be released in the Minipla line but it’s a shame that the Gokaiger Alter won’t be released for the Change Heroes line. Makes sense that the Gokai Gallon is the Zord representing the Ranger team as it even features as a Power-Up in their most recent movie after it’s destruction. It will be amazing to see its debut when it appears in the Live action series. A full preview of all Alter gears can be seen in the image below, showing which Alters have so far been revealed. 

Noto Generals Figures Coming Soon 

Teasers for new Yudo figures have been revealed on social media regarding the Noto generals seen in the show. These generals include Sonoi, Sonoza, and Sononi, who are antagonists seen in the series that act against the Ranger team. The Toku Villains have recently had their Changer revealed as a Premium Bandai release and the villains figures are another addition that fans will want to obtain. Here is the teaser image shown on social media for the Noto warrior figures of Sonoi, Sonoza, and Sononi. 


These figures will be an excellent addition to fans who wish to have both the Rangers and the villain of Donbrothers. Especially since they could be used to create fantastic action displays, which could see the Rangers facing the Noto generals. It’s great that these unique Toku warriors will be given their own figures as they are a vital part of the show and could even be considered anti-heroes.

The armor on these warriors does feature some great detail and patterns but no weapons are currently shown in this teaser, which is something the release should hopefully include. The Changer for these three warriors has also been released as a Premium Bandai item, so it makes sense that these amazing forms are released as figures too.

Jiro Civilian Cosplay Outfit Releasing 


The full outfit for Jiro has been revealed as a Premium release, much like the outfits for Zenkaiger’s Zox and Flint. Each item of clothing used to create the look will be available to purchase for fans to cosplay as the 6th Ranger of the Avataro Sentai. The brand ‘h.NAOTO’ handles the costume worn by Jiro Momotani, who is played by Raizou Ishikawa. The items and accessories used to create the look include 6 pieces, along with 1 additional piece, sold separately, that Jiro wears for his alternate Tiger persona. Here are the images of the entire outfit release designed by Naoto Hirooka. 

There are a lot of items that are used to create this Chinese-influenced look and every detail has been implemented. Not only is it great to get the full outfit but fans can also get the Tiger Cylindrical Haori for the alternate personality linked to the Tiger powers. It’s not going to be easy to obtain this Premium item as a western fan, since there is currently no Toku retailer offering the pre-order outside Japan. However, it would be perfect for a true fan of the Donbrothers 6th Ranger, whether they love Don Doragokuu or Don Torabolt. 

Donbrothers Don Murasame’s Ninjark Sword is currently available to pre-order via Premium Bandai. The expected shipping date set is December 2022 and is priced at 6050yen/45.09USD.  

Don Doragokuu Alter and Gokai Alter set is a Premium Bandai product that is currently scheduled to be released in August 2022. The price is currently known to be set as 6,006 yen. 

The Yudo figures of the Noto Generals have yet to be revealed. The release date has yet to be released but will be a Premium Bandai item. 

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Donbrothers Jiro Outfit is currently available via Premium Bandai Japan and is scheduled to release in October 2022. All items that form the look are sold separately. 

What do you think of these releases from Avataro Sentai Donbrothers? Are you enjoying the show so far? Will you be getting the premium cosplay for Jiro Momotani? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following our social media or more Super Sentai content. 


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