Power Morphicon 2022 Exclusive Posters Revealed

3 New Exclusive Power Morphicon 2022 Exclusive Posters Revealed!
Power Morphicon 2022

Power Morphicon 2022 has revealed special art for posters to be sold at the event. These include the event print featuring three highlighted Rangers, Lightning Collection Ranger art, and Lightning collection villain art which highlight different Rangers and characters from various seasons. These three prints were shown on social media for fans to see and will be available to fans who purchase memberships and attend the convention. The poster artists are Tsuyoshi Nonaka and Tom Whalen. 

Power Morphicon 2022 is one of the biggest Power Rangers conventions out there. The famed convention finally makes its in-person return at the end of August. The convention was previously postponed due to covid in 2020 but now fans will be able to attend the event at Pasadena Convention Center to meet various Power Rangers stars and Tokusatsu celebrities. Rangers from recent series such as Beast Morphers and Dino Fury will be present to meet and greet fans at this iconic con. 

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This event will also run during Hasbro’s Power Week, where many announcements regarding new releases and the 30th anniversary are expected to follow.  

Power Morphicon 2022 Exclusive Posters

The exclusive posters include the event poster art that is featured on the official Power Morphicon 2022 T-Shirt, which features the original MMPR red ranger, Guest of Honor Gokai Red (aka Super Megaforce Red), and Dino Fury Red Ranger in Dino Knight mode. The art was created by Tsuyoshi Nonaka and will be available to all memberships while supplies last. The Weekend print and Gold print posters were also revealed with Lightning Collection art created by Tom Whalen, which include a Ranger poster and a villain poster. Both can be obtained depending on the membership level the attendee possesses.

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The use of Lightning Collection art makes for a fantastic poster that many fans will love to display with their collection. The use of Lightning Collection version of Dino Fury Blue suggests that a release is likely approaching and may be announced this month. The villain poster further highlights the fantastic range of villains that fans have seen in the Lightning Collection, which have been a blessing for many fans who always wanted their release in past toy lines. The event poster is an excellent addition to the set as the art perfectly shows the icons for Power Rangers this year, including the most recent series, Power Rangers Dino Fury.

  • The Event Poster will be available to all tiers of membership for attendees, while supplies last. 
  • The Weekend Print featuring Lightning Collection Rangers will be available for Full weekend passes Red, Gold, and Platinum memberships. 
  • The Gold Print featuring Lightning Collection Villains will only be available for Gold, and Platinum memberships.

These posters are just a small part of all the collectibles, Power Ranger’s celebrities, panels, and events in store at this year’s Power Morphicon! Will you be attending this year’s biggest Power Rangers convention?

Power Morphicon 2022 will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center from August 26-28, 2022. To grab your membership to attend the event, use the following link.  

What do you think of the exclusive posters for Power Morphicon 2022? Are you excited to attend this year’s biggest Power Rangers convention? When do you think Dino Fury Blue’s Lightning Collection figure will be released? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Morphicon 2022 news. 

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