One Piece: 10 Pirates With The Craziest Bounties Revealed So Far

In One Piece, bounties are the system for the audience to gauge how dangerous a person is. A unique power level system so good, that every new bounty reveal is an event.
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In One Piece, bounties are the system for the audience to gauge how dangerous a person is. A unique power level system so good, that every new bounty reveal is an event.

When we heard Crocodile had a bounty of 81,000,000 Berries, it made him feel like an entire level of villain we have never seen before. Now that number feels so tame compared to all the big players who have a bounty of over a Billion. Remember when we were all shocked that Jack the Drought had a bounty of 1 Billion? Now even that number felt so tame when not too long ago, he would have been number 1 on this list. We were so naive to think the ceiling was so low.

For now, these are the players revealed to have the highest bounties in One Piece. Let’s not be so shocked when the 10 will change again tomorrow.

10. KING – 1,390,000,000 BERRIES

Although some of the billions attached to King may in part be because he is from the rare Lunarian race the World Government has been desperately searching for, King still deserves his 1.390 Billion Berries due to being the strongest commander under Kaido. To date, King is the strongest fighter Zoro has ever fought against and defeated. His defeat marks that there is no current pirate crew in the world that can stand up to the Straw Hats aside from even stronger Yonko crews.

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9. BLACKBEARD – 2,247,600,000 BERRIES

Blackbeard’s assent as a Yonko may have to do with his brilliant tactical mind than his raw physical strength, as he is capable of manipulating Whitebeard and the Marines to create the best situation to further his ambitions.

Make no mistake, he might be a powerhouse in battle, but from what we can tell, he achieved his raw power because he knows how to play the game with the best shortcuts. The opposite of Luffy who plays the game head-on with hard work that makes his journey satisfying.


Luffy, Kid, and Law earned their 3 billion berry bounty by defeating two Yonkos – A feat no one thought possible and changed the course of the status quo of One Piece world. We could have put these 3 as the 10th to 8th entries, putting even a Yonko like Blackbeard out of this list, but since they all have equal bounties, it would be fair to put them all equally on the number 8 spot.

That being said, since Luffy defeated Kaido in one-on-one combat, while Kid and Law needed to team up to defeat Big Mom, some would say Luffy should have a bounty higher than the two. If the World Government is honest, Luffy’s Nika devil fruit being awakened should have definitely made his bounty even higher than 3 billion.

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7. BUGGY THE CLOWN – 3,189,000,000 BERRIES

In another story of Buggy hilariously failing upwards, Buggy is now a Yonko with a bounty of 3.189 billion. His Yonko status has more to do with him being wrongfully profiled by the Marines as someone capable of making subordinates out of Crocodile and Mihawk. When in reality, he is the two’s weak slave.

Give it a few chapters later and we may be looking at the new Pirate King.

6. DRACULE MIHAWK – 3,590,000,000 BERRIES

Hawkeye marks the only commander who is higher than some Yonko themselves. He is higher than Yonkos Blackbeard, Luffy, and even his “boss”, the great Buggy the Clown. In all of the One Piece world, Hawkeye has the most impressive bounty, despite not being the highest because he achieved it only on his raw physical power with no armies or territories under his wing. It is even said that his swordsmanship is greater than Shanks himself.

It just goes to show, Mihawk could have been a Yonko years ago. He just doesn’t care enough to be try to be one.

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5. RED-HAIRED SHANKS – 4,048,900,000 BERRIES

Shanks’ bounty may be lower than Big Mom’s and Kaido, but it is presumed that this has more to do because of his younger age and pacifistic nature as opposed to the other two Yonko that are power-hungry and destroys everything they see. As far as anyone can tell, Shanks is just as strong as the two, with the possible twist that he is even stronger.


Don’t let that cartoonish design fool you. Big Mom is a juggernaut. Her durability and power is equal to the strongest creature himself, Kaido. As established when the two fought for days that ended at a standstill, with both not showing any damage.

Big Mom has been defeated by Law, and Kid. Although it can be argued if it even qualifies because technically they just took her out of the ring and we don’t know if she is dead or not. If not, then even with the combined full power of Law and Kid, they could not take her out officially.

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3. KAIDO – 4,611,100,000 BERRIES

In a one-on-one fight—in land, air, or sea. Always bet on Kaido. So they say until Luffy defeats him in a one-on-one fight.

To be fair, before Luffy defeated him, Kaido has already been in multiple fights. Taking slight damages from the scabbards. Taking multiple extensive damages from the Worst Generation teaming up. Then facing Luffy, who turns out to have the one in a million ability of advanced conquerors haki. Then Luffy awakens his sun god powers. Only then was he finally defeated.

Did we forget to mention Kaido was mentally lifting an entire island with thousands of men off the ground to towering heights while doing all of that?


While Whitebeard has the second highest bounty under only the Pirate King, we can argue he is equal to Gol D. Roger in all aspects as a pirate, except he lacked the motivation to complete all the locations in the Grand Line. If Whitebeard had more ambition than having a big family, who knows how higher Whitebeard’s impressive bounty could have flown?

Before his death, Whitebeard was considered the strongest man alive. No one in the battle of Marineford could take him down individually. It took the combined damages from multiple high-ranking Marines, including Admirals and Blackbeard’s crew, to take him to his grave. He was not even in his prime anymore when his last stand happened.

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Wealth, fame, Power. The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger, stands at number 1 with the highest bounty in pirate history.

All because he achieved the impossible of crossing every island in the grand line, finding out the void century, then starting the golden age of pirates with his last words that challenge everyone to find his treasure known as the One Piece.

Most of the pirates on this list would not have ever been pirates if it was not for this man, including our boy, Luffy.

In terms of strength, he is on top of the world, fighting the strongest man in alive, Whitebeard at his prime for hours to a standstill. Who knows how powerful the others in his crew are? Roger is not the kind of guy who wants to command a grand fleet either, so we know he achieved his big bounty with quality crew members as powerful as Rayleigh and Shanks than quantity.

Gol D. Roger. He deserves every penny of it.

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