Vital Bracelet BE to Make Grand Release in the UK

Vital Bracelet BE

Bandai UK has announced that the Vital Bracelet BE will be released in the UK. This is a huge development for anime fans as most releases of Bandai games in the UK have been only been for Digimon. The US has recently released the Vital Hero bracelet, which is similar to the Digivice V that was released in Japan for Digimon Ghost Game. In addition, the Vital Bracelet BE will also introduce cards for other anime franchises, including My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and more. 

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The Vital Bracelet BE is the most recent release from the Vital Bracelet line, which only featured Digimon until now. Other Vital Bracelets have been released which feature Kamen Rider and Ultraman characters, which weren’t compatible with the Digimon version. The gadget is similar to a Fitbit device that tracks physical activity and uses the data to train the active Digimon. With the DIM cards, different characters can be used and will evolve based on achieving various requirements. The Vital Bracelet BE will use BEX cards that will include various Digimon and characters from popular animes including the following. 

  • Digimon/Digimon Ghost Game 
  • Demon Slayer 
  • My Hero Academia 
  • Tokyo Revengers 

The Vital Bracelet BE bring Digimon to UK 

The announcement for the release of the new vital bracelet was shared on social media by Bandai Shop UK. A trailer was shared on Twitter with the upgraded features showcases for the latest Vital Bracelet. This includes the water resistance that many fans called for and features Digimon Ghost Game mascot, Gammamon, as part of the announcement trailer. Here is the announcement made for the UK release of the Vital Bracelet BE.  

It’s fantastic that the UK won’t have to keep resulting to importing the Vital Bracelet line just to obtain them. It was a joy that Digimon Ghost Game was released on Crunchyroll, but the Vital Bracelet Digivice V wasn’t possible to obtain outside of Japan. The continued support from fans for the franchise has likely led to this surprising announcement, which has yet to confirm BEX card other than Digimon. 

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One fan has also commented on the post stating that they are glad to see more Digimon UK items being released. Bandai Shop UK has responded to this by teasing “We ain’t nowhere near done yet”. It seems that many plans are in motion to bring Digimon back to the UK, which allows fans to enjoy the franchise with fans located in US and Japan. Hopefully, Bandai EU will also meet the demands as some fans have been asking for the release in counties such as fans in Germany and the Netherlands.  

The Vital Bracelet BE will be released in 2023, with more details coming soon. The Vital Bracelet is currently available via the Bandai Shop UK website, which fans can see the full range for in the following link

The Vital Hero is currently available in the US and features DIM cards that differ to the original Japanese release. To find out more about the Vital Hero available in the US, use the following link

Bandai US and EU have yet to announce any release regarding the Vital Bracelet BE line. More information regarding the Vital Bracelet BE can be found on the official website

What do you think of the Vital Bracelet BE? Do you think it’s amazing the UK will be able obtain the new Vital Bracelet? Are you able to get any of the Vital Bracelet line where you live? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news. 

Source: Bandai Shop UK

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