Digimon Ghost Game’s Ultimate Digivolution Review

Digimon Ghost Game has debuted all Ultimate Digivolutions and continues the adventure of the three young Tamers and their partner Digimon.
digimon ghost game digivolutions

Digimon Ghost Game has debuted all Ultimate Digivolutions and continues the adventure of the three young Tamers and their partner Digimon. As they continue to solve mysteries linked to Hologram Ghosts, the perfect evolutions of the Digimon have become a regular occurrence. A recent poster shows all the Digimon in their ultimate form, including the recently debuted Angoramon. This gives a perfect opportunity to review the partner Digimon and their evolutions before the mega forms are revealed or new Digimon are introduced (as teased by the DIM card set). 

Digimon Ghost Game features exclusive Digimon that are partnered with the Tamers in this new series of the franchise. Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon are the headline partners of Hiro, Ruri, and Kiyoshiro, respectively, who each have a Vital Bracelet as their Digivice, also known as the Digivice V. This Digivice V allows them to link to their Digimon, power/call upon their special attacks, allows them to enter Digital environments with DIM Cards, and use their emotions to activate Digivolution. 

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Gammamon is the mascot Digimon of Digimon Ghost Game and is the only partner that has alternate evolutions so far. These evolutions are linked to both Hiro’s and Gammamon’s thoughts and feelings, meaning that a dark Digivolution could activate from their despair or anger. All Gammamon’s Champion forms can Digivolve into the same Ultimate Digimon known as Canoweissmon. Jellymon and Angoramon have a linear line of Digivolutions and reach their forms with the same type of emotional connection with their partners and Digivice.

Two new Digimon, Espimon and Ryudamon, were first revealed by the DIM card set that has the Digimon Ghost Game logo on the packaging. The poster with all three Ultimate Digimon was previously posted on social media and can be seen below.

Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon Ghost Game Partner Digimon and Evolution Analysis

With all current Digimon partners able to reach their ultimate forms, we can now analysis their value and characteristics in Digimon Ghost Game. This only includes Gammamon, Jellymon, and Angoramon, who are the only partner Digimon currently featured in Digimon Ghost Game. The images included for each Digimon will also have their information revealed in the Digi-dex of the Vital Bracelet, which features more depth about their data. Here is the analysis for the partner Digimon and their evolutions, with their significant traits. 

Gammamon and his adaptable Evolutions 

The mascot of Digimon Ghost Game, Gammamon, has the personality of playful child who loves chocolate but also a fighting spirit that fights anyone he gets a bad vibe from. Gammamon was originally partnered with Hiro’s father but left him for Hiro to look after when he disappeared for an adventure in the Digital World. Treated as Hiro’s little brother, Hiro often helps his Digimon experience daily life and sets rules when they misbehave like a toddler or child. Gammamon always looks to his partner, Hiro, for guidance, but the same fighting spirit is passed into their evolutions. 

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Gammamon has four different evolutions in Digimon Ghost Game, which all have a different purpose for both the story and combat. These Champion level evolutions include Betelgammamon, KausGammamon, WezenGammamon, and Dark evolution, GulusGammamon. Each have their own traits and abilities but the main three are all able to Digivolve into Canoweissmon, Gammamon’s Ultimate form. Currently, GalusGammamon is the only Digimon that has characteristics different from other forms and often has an opposing apathetic personality. The evolutionary line of Gammamon, the mascot Digitmon Ghost Game.  

Gammamon is still hiding a mystery that has yet to be solved, which is mostly linked to his dark evolution. Overcoming his dark side led to his Ultimate Digivolution, but it has been shown that Evolution has a limit. Generally, Gammamon is the perfect mascot Digimon and a fan favourite with his cute quirks, and his evolutions are iconic in their own way. Whether it be Betalgammamon’s ferocious punches, KausGammamon’s propellant maneuvers, or WezenGammamon’s high-powered blasts. For now, they have set Canoweissmon to appear benevolent as they are able to end any fight with overwhelming power.

It will be interesting to see how the stakes are raised in future episodes, and what Mega Digimon could be unlocked, as the ultimate Digimon has yet to truly struggle.  

Jellymon’s Electrifying Evolutions 

Jellymon is both laid-back, energetic, and sadistic, which is the complete opposite of her Tamer, Kiyoshiro. The two have a more significant bond compared to earlier episodes and it’s only when Kiyoshiro has a ‘Limit-break’ that you see how compatible they are together. They have the most unique partnership, but generally, they treasure each other despite their differences. The influences of Kiyoshiro has granted Jellymon into warrior form TeslaJellymon and medical tactician, Thetismon, as the Champion and Ultimate evolutions. Their deep bond that has led them to become a formidable team, even with their clashing personalities. 

Throughout the Digimon Ghost Game, Jellymon has secretly been trying to get Kiyoshiro out of his shell, as he is prone to fear caused by superstition and danger. Even though Jellymon finds the fear funny, she genuinely cares about their Tamer and appreciates his intelligence. Whereas the other Digimon like to stick with their Tamer, Jellymon often wonders off, allowing Kiyoshiro some peace to get on with tasks. Her evolutions are often proficient in close-quarters combat but have extra abilities, including using electrical ranged attacks and Thetismon’s ability to cure poisons.

It’s in these forms that her feelings of care towards Kiyoshiro are much clearer and she responds well to his tactical thinking. Here is the evolutionary line of Jellymon. 

It was unclear how Jellymon and Kiyoshiro would be able to co-exist considering how the two first began their partnership. Jellymon seemed too much for Kiyoshiro to handle but now we can see that there was a secret bond that Jellymon caused to grow from their interactions. Kiyoshiro now has a solid partnership with his Digimon, and the evolutions are proof of the affection they have for each other. Teslajellymon shows the fighting spirit of Kiyoshiro, whereas Thetismon is a result of the affection the two share for each other.

It will be interesting to see what a Mega-level Digimon will be as it will reflect perfectly on the development of their relationship in the story.  

Angoramon’s Warrior Evolution 

Angoramon is a lot calmer than the others and acts more like an adult, rather than a Rookie/Child stage Digimon. He is more comparable to a guardian and bodyguard for his Tamer, Ruri. Both are socially active as Ruri is a popular girl and Angoramon likes to visit Digimon communities, which have found a way to intergrade into the human world as a secret society. His evolutions are closer matches to martial art warrior types with SymbaAngoramon but his Ultimate form, Lamortmon, is more of a beast type. Both Angoramon and Ruri complement each other, and the evolutions are a perfect response to their values and experience.  

Angoramon has great knowledge of the Digital World and often creates haiku poems inspired by the morals of events that have just transpired. He loves to hear Ruri play the piano and guards her no matter what danger they run into, but it is their bond that has led this fluffy bunny to become a powerful warrior. SymbaAngoramon is an agile warrior that can attack close up or launch a tornado attack for long-ranged combat. Lamortmon is a lot more savage and uses both blades and its claws for attacking relentlessly. Both these evolutions became possible from Ruri’s will to fight and her defiance against anything erroneous. 

Angoramon seems so similar to Leomon and has some fantastic evolutions that would have been hard to predict. Much like Leomon’s line, there are many similarities to how the warrior becomes a beast and the honor and wisdom traits are a great contrast compared to the other two Digimon partners. It was confusing how Lamortmon would work for the story, but it highlights how the pair go from willing fighters to defiant warriors. It’s even harder to compare Ruri and Angoramon to any team before them as they truly are a unique pair. A Mega evolution will certainly be a huge moment in the story as these civilized characters will likely face a darker force to resist.

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These partner Digimon have been a blessing for the Digimon franchise as it’s such a buzz to see new Digimon in Digimon Ghost Game. These Digimon have been fantastic so far but even the DIM cards for the vital bracelet give no clue on what the Mega Level Digimon may be, or if there is going to be Mega Digivolution. For now, Digimon Ghost Game will likely focus on the new Digimon that are debuting in the Digimon Ghost Game, which is Espimon and Ryudamon. The mysteries in each episode are likely going to increase as fans try to figure out if these new additions will have human partners.

Digimon Ghost Game is available to watch on Crunchyroll, with subscribers able to watch recent episodes that are simulcast from Japan. Currently, the Digimon Ghost Game is only available in Japanese with English Subtitles (and other languages) available, with no Dub currently announced. Episodes are released every Sunday, so to catch up with this latest in Digimon Ghost Game use the following Link

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What do you think of these Digimon and their evolutions? Are you a fan of Digimon Ghost Game? Which partner Digimon is your favorite? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon. 

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