Bobby Fish Talks About A Big Miscommunication In His CM Punk Match

Bobby Fish talked about a miscommunication from his CM Punk match which created an awkward moment at the finish of the match.
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Bobby Fish talked about a miscommunication from his CM Punk match which created an awkward moment at the finish of the match.

Fish recently left AEW as his contract expired on August 31. He was unhappy with his position in the company and was unable to come to an agreement with the company when negotiating his new contract.


Since leaving AEW, Bobby Fish has been talking a lot about his time in both AEW and WWE under Triple H’s NXT brand.  

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A moment which came up recently during an interview with Wrestling Headlines was a match he had with Punk during a AEW Dynamite back in October 2021. Punk hit his GTS and went for the pin, but then things got a little weird at the end.

“The confusion at the end of our match was the fact that he did what is called ‘the office’ or an ‘iggy’,” Bobby Fish said. ‘And this is some inside baseball stuff here, but he did that before the three count was over.’” Fish noted it can be a way of saying “good match.”

“That’s also a way to alert your opponent that, ‘hey, let’s change something.’ In that moment, I can liken it to Tony Khan what might be feeling when [Punk’s] going off on the EVPs, you don’t know what to do. I had to either kick out or not kick out and lose the moment forever so I kicked out. That was being whatever it was.”

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An Accidental Miscommunication?

The term “iggy” or “the office” doesn’t have a specific meaning or at least one I could find. It appears to be a generic term for a signal for something to happen and it can be as simple as Punk squeezing Bobby Fish’s hand.

Bobby Fish noted that Punk had been known to give his opponent an “iggy” to indicate to his opponent that they had a good match. However, like he said it doesn’t always mean that and it can mean a lot of things. Doing it during the three count led to a confusing moment where Bobby Fish had to make a quick decision.

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After the match Fish had said Punk was in a bad mood. Most likely because he felt like Fish disrespected him by kicking out during the pre-planned finish.


This led to real life heat with Fish and he went on to challenge Punk’s MMA skills. He went as far as to say he shouldn’t even be using MMA moves in his matches. Bobby Fish expressed exactly how he feels about Punk during an interview with NBC Sports Boston and on his The Undisputed Podcast.

“You’re asking me to go out and sell, put over, your bunk-ass martial arts,” Bobby Fish said. “Phil [CM Punk], after the match, was a c***, and frankly, as a martial artist, I laid my shoulders down for you, like you should be grateful that I did, because on national TV, if I decided that if I wanted to Haku your ass, I could’ve, because you’re that little bit of a threat in my world.

Phil is not a bad pro wrestler, but what Phil is not is a martial artist. You can paint with whatever color you want. Choose a color that you have in your toolbox. If you don’t have blue, you’re not painting with blue. CM Punk is not a martial artist.”

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Leave The MMA Moves To People Who Know MMA

The Haku reference is a reference to a former legendary wrestler known as being the toughest wrestler of all time. He has legendary stories of fights including throwing someone through a plate glass window.

Fish named himself, Bryan Danielson and Kyle O’Reilly as people who are heavily trained in MMA and because of their training should be allowed to use MMA in their matches. In Punk’s defense he did train MMA in preparation for his two fights in the UFC, so the implication that Punk has no MMA training is false.

Do you think wrestlers who have little to no MMA training should be allowed to perform MMA moves? What about a spear if they never played high level football? Do you think Punk has enough training to be allowed to do a MMA move? Leave a comment over and tell us if you think Punk did the “iggy” during the pinfall to cause an issue with Fish. 


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