Pokémon Teams Up with Ed Sheeran for “Celestial” New Song and Adorable Video

Pokémon Ed Sheeran

On September 29, musical sensation Ed Sheeran teamed up with the Pokémon franchise to release his new song, “Celestial”. Ed Sheeran wrote and performed songs since age 11, garnering the attention of other musical talents such as Elton John and Jamie Foxx. He rose to stardom with his 2011 debut album, + (pronounced “plus”), topping […]

Sandman Surprisingly Almost Joined Big WCW Stable

WWE Sandman

ECW and hardcore icon, Sandman, almost joined the WCW stable before getting fired. The Sandman is a mainstay of ECW.  It is hard to think of ECW without Sandman but was never one of the faces of ECW.  However, his name always comes up in the conversation about the Mount Rushmore of ECW.  If only […]