Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Incredible Blue Ranger Design Revealed

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

The Blue Ranger redesign for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury was recently released during the Hasbro Pulse Premium event. This gives a preview of 50% of the Rangers as their designs evolve from Power Rangers Dino Fury. Kai Moya revealed the Ranger design, which also debuts a first look at the Tricera-based weapon for Ollie’s space adventure. With three Rangers revealed, let’s look at the new ranger forms in greater detail.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury sets the record as the first series to give a Ranger team a 3rd season since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The major difference is that the Rangers will get a new form, which is similar to the movie, and season 3 Ninjetti Ranger powers alterations. All 6 Rangers are expected to be given this transformation; however, the Red Ranger has already received a new form after being revived by the Morphin Masters as a new White and Red Ranger. 


All 6 Rangers as seen on the final episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury

Three revealed for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

As seen previously, the Gold and Green Rangers have been given an upgrade for their adventures in space. Along with the new appearance, they have been given weapons that keep with the motifs from the origin series, while also having a sci-fi flare. During the Premium event, Hasbro Pulse gifted fans with the first look at the Blue Ranger for the show, which was debuted by Kai Moya. Design themes also become a lot more obvious as the Rangers have similar amour and two even have unique gold decoration on their newly altered helmets. Here is the art image revealed at the event with the three Rangers of the show.

The most significant element of the designs is not the Ranger suits or the weapons but the new Morpher that is visible on the Green Ranger. The Morpher is a Dino-Themed Morpher that enables the use of the Kyutama seen in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It may not be clear, but the Blue Ranger also has the same Morpher, which is seen by the bracelet design that straps the Morpher to the left arm. As the Gold Ranger’s weapon covers the left arm, it’s possible that his morpher may be similar to the Mosa Blaster that he holds rather than wears.  

The design difference may also see a transformation to the White form of the Red Ranger. This is due to the frequent practice of matching designs for a Ranger team, which could mean this new red ranger form may be altered to match the other Rangers. This may also be fitting to the concept seen in Kyuranger as the Red Ranger gets a White Ranger form as a Super mode. If a redesign is revealed, it may indicate that the Rangers gain this new form due to the Globes they use for their new Morphers. 


There are a few things left to determine such as whether the Rangers will still be using their swords. However, a better picture is being given regarding the plans for the Rangers. The weapons are the first new additions highlighted in the coming series and each is themed on the motif of each Ranger. One addition could be weapons themed on the new Zords adapted from Kyuranger. This would be similar to what Mighty Morphin Power Rangers casually added in the movie for Thunderzord weapons and these weapons could include the following motifs and colors that may be paired with the rangers. 

  • Lion Voyager – Red 
  • Wolf Voyager – Blue 
  • Eagle Voyager – Pink 
  • Bull Voyager – Black 
  • Cameleon Voyager – Green 
  • Balance Voyager – Gold 

There are many mysteries that remain behind closed doors, especially with the 30th-anniversary project in the works with legendary Rangers. It will be interesting to see what plans will be implemented in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. There is also a possibility of crossovers involving both shows but nothing has been discussed or confirmed. However, the first feature everyone is awaiting is the original toys set to debut in 2023, which will include the Cosmic Fury Morpher.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is set for release in 2023 via Netflix for the worldwide audience, with the premiere date still to be revealed. More images are expected from Hasbro regarding the new Ranger team, including the remaining three Ranger previews for the redesign of Pink and Black, with another new form possible for the Red Ranger.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

What do you think of the Rangers and their new forms? Do you like the redesign and new weapon for the Blue Ranger? What else do you think the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury could have in store for the franchise? Let us know on social media, or in the comment below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.  



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