Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Incredible Blue Ranger Design Revealed

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

The Blue Ranger redesign for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury was recently released during the Hasbro Pulse Premium event. This gives a preview of 50% of the Rangers as their designs evolve from Power Rangers Dino Fury. Kai Moya revealed the Ranger design, which also debuts a first look at the Tricera-based weapon for Ollie’s space […]

Power Rangers: More familiar faces to return for the 30th anniversary special

Power Rangers 30th

More Legendary Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been revealed to be returning and starring in the 30th-anniversary special. The news was released by Hasbro Pulse in their premium event, which highlights 4 iconic characters including a new character previously rumored. David Yost and Walter Jones will be joined by these past Rangers as […]