Donbrothers New Noto Warrior And Zenkaizer Black Identity Theory

New theories surround the new Noto Warrior and Zenkaizer Black in Super Sentai Donbrothers.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers will soon have a new Noto warrior to face in the coming episodes. Rather than just 3, another 4th character will be added to the show with a red color scheme for the new Noto general joining Sonoi, Sonoza, and Sononi. Fans have also noticed a background character captured by the Beastials, which could explain the origins of Zenkaiger’s Kaito. Zenkaizer Black has been the supporting character for the new Ranger team, but fans now believe there is a reason that led to him being an admin.  

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers follows Taro Momoi, Don Momotaro, and his companions as they fight Hitotsuki, Beastials, and the Noto while trying to live their separate lives. They are assisted by Kaito, Zenkaizer Black, who monitors the team and helps when the situation demands his intervention. Although enemies, the Noto generals have a unique relationship with members of the Donbrothers, which conflicts with the usual concept of good and evil. The Beastials story arc is currently the focus of the show, which has revealed a lot of backstories that were previously a mystery. 

Donbrothers new Noto Warrior 

The new addition to the Noto team includes a red warrior named Sonoshi, who will wield a dagger as his personal weapon. He will be joining Sonoi, Sonoza, and Sononi in their fight against the Ranger team. The three warriors have been overwhelmed by the new powers of the Ranger, with Sonoi being the only one who defeated Don Momotaro after his revival. This new additional warrior is an inspector of the Noto and will be played by Tomoki Hirose. 

This new warrior looks strong and agile thanks to his color scheme and warrior armor. Considering he has a dagger, he will likely specialize in close combat, but he may also use his dagger as a projectile. The chest piece looks to be the same as the other Noto warriors, meaning it will be the crest for his Noto brace. As a Premium Bandai Noto brace has already been released, it’s possible Sonoshi’s crest may be released for it too but there has yet to be an official announcement.  

Background captive theory could explain Kaito 

Fans that have been able to watch the 35th episode of Donbrothers have noticed a Beastial captive that is similar to Kaito. There has been no true explanation regarding why Zenkaiger Black is part of the show, but he has indirectly stated he is the same Kaito from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. A man stuck in a tree was seen when Inubrother was captured by a cat Beastial, where all the original people that the Beastials have disguised themselves as have been taken. Here is the character seen stuck in a tree that looks similar to Kaito seen in episode 35 of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.  

Kaito was last seen traveling the multiverse to different worlds with his Zenkaiger teammates. However, this person in the tree doesn’t appear to be Kaito, but it’s possible this might be a future reveal that the Donbrothers admin and Zenkaizer Black is a Beastial.

This could explain why Kaito is part of the story in this Sentai season, plus may lead to the explanation of why the Hitotsuki are linked to past Super Sentai teams. As for the type of Beastials, it was revealed that each type has an agenda, but a Penguin Beastial has yet to appear. This would also link to Kaito’s appearance as he wears a black suit and white bow tie, associated with Penguins, plus would explain the new color scheme for Zenkaizer Black.

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Miku, the Crane Beastial that looks like Natsumi, never explained about the Penguin Beastials, which could have revealed that they help their creators, the Don clan. This would explain if Kaito is in the forest, where Natsumi and others are kept, and why Kaito is helping the Donbrothers team while Jin Momoi is trapped in prison. This links so well together that it will be surprising if this isn’t the case, as it would explain so much about the story in this season. It will be exciting to find out the truth that is currently hidden from viewers. 

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is airing every Sunday in Japan, with Sonoshi debuting in episode 37 on the 20th of November, 2022. There is currently no way of watching the show officially, but fans are hoping this will change in the future.  


What do you think of Sonoshi? Do you think the theory of Kaito being a Beastial will be true? Have you been enjoying the 46th Sentai season so far? Let us know on social media or in the comment below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.  

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