Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Reveals New Story Details

New episodes of Super Sentai Donbrothers reveal new story details.

At last, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers have slowly been explaining the many plot holes that have been present in the series. This includes information about all factions and the sequential events of various characters. They have also revealed the many secrets relating to the factions of the show and why this series is so complex since the beginning. Although not everything has been explained, the dawn of enlightenment has begun now the show is past the 30th episode milestone. 

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is written by Toshiki Inoue, who was previously the writer for the iconic Sentai season Choujin Sentai Jetman. The team features the Don clan’s Taro Momoi and his companions, that become members because of fate. Each Ranger has a motif related to the Momotaro folklore tale. They are later joined by Jiro Momotani, another Don with a mysterious past and the 6th Ranger of the series. They are also supported by Café owner and Zenkaizer Black, Kaito, and Jin Momoi, who adopted Taro which led to his imprisonment. 


Their foes include the Noto and Beastials (Juto), with almost no explanation for when the conflict first started in early episodes. It was revealed that the Don Clan, Noto, and Beastials were all linked, with Taro’s companions tangled in the fight of another world. The main foe not only includes members of the Noto but also people that are possessed by Sentai-themed Hitotsuki monsters. Further complicating the extraordinary 46th installment of Super Sentai.  

The following contains spoilers featured in various episodes of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. Do not proceed if you wish to watch the series to discover these by watching the show. 

Revelations and Explanations Debut in Donbrothers 

The show has recently established many complex stories that have started from the beginning. This includes the complex connection between the Pink and Black Rangers, Kijibrother, and Inubrother. These complex situations have led to each character becoming a Ranger, with Don Momotaro as the center of the storm.

There are many theories for many features in the show, including Kaito’s Sentai Gears somehow becoming entangled with the Noto world during his dimensional travels. Here are some of the known facts finally presented in the latest episodes of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Connection between the factions 

The first true explanations regarding the events of the factions came from the discussion between Taro and Noto’s Sonoi. Sonoi explained that the Noto relies on human brainwaves for their world to exist, which is endangered by the existence of the Hitotsuki. He also reveals the Beastials were created by the Don Clan as an alternative source for the Noto but failed. An explanation from Sonoi was hidden until recently, which related to Don Murasame’s existence and why he was created. This was revealed to be the Noto’s answer to the unkillable Beastials, which eat the Anoni who are aligned with the Noto. 


The Anoni disguise themselves as humans but can be seen using the Airfly Glasses belonging to the Donbrothers Rangers. To stop the Beastials, the Noto created Don Murasame and is now the only one who can destroy them. This was explained to Taro before he defeated Sonoi but was not revealed to viewers until after his death. The Noto also can awaken the desires of people, which cause them to be possessed by Hitotsuki. This may be linked to how their world relies on regular brain waves to exist, as mentioned in early episodes, and therefore, can interact with a person’s state of mind.  

The Beastials and significance to the story 

More about the Beastials was revealed in recent episodes, which includes the distinct types and what happens to the people they look like. Three distinct types of Beastials are revealed by the origami they fold. These are the cat, crane, and penguin Beastials, but only two have been seen so far. The cat Beastial is the most common and wild of all Beastials, including a police officer, Kenji Sayama, who returned as a Beastial after disappearing on a bus but still chases after Inubrother, Tsubasa Inuzuka. The only other type seen and identified is Kijibrother’s wife, Miho. 

Miho Kijino has been revealed to be a crane Beastial and has revealed the big question relating to whether they are Miho or Inuzuka’s lost girlfriend. Natsumi was taken by the crane Beastial and looked exactly like Miho, Tsuyoshi Kijino’s wife. Although it hasn’t been fully explained, we now know that Miho is the crane Beastial take has taken over Natsumi. Miho explained to Taro that each Beastial type has its agenda and when a Beastial is killed by Murasame, the human connection to them also dies. More has yet to be revealed regarding the link and so far, a penguin Beastial has yet to appear. 

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