KingOhger Drops Official Teaser Sentai Rangers’ Mysterious Silhouettes


Ohsama Sentai KingOhger‘s official silhouettes have made their debut, giving a sneak preview of what the Ranger team will look like. The TV-Kun magazine has revealed the teaser for the new Ranger team that will debut in 2023. This is the first official release for the 47th Sentai team as only rumors have been circulating […]

HBO Reveals Stunning New The Last of Us Poster Ahead of It’s 2023 Premiere

the last of us 2

It’s almost hard to believe after many years of rumors and development, a live-action, motion picture version of The Last of Us franchise is finally happening. The show finally debuts in less than two months, so HBO is stepping up its marketing and promotion for the new television series. A stunning new poster image for the show.