KingOhger Drops Official Teaser Sentai Rangers’ Mysterious Silhouettes


Ohsama Sentai KingOhger‘s official silhouettes have made their debut, giving a sneak preview of what the Ranger team will look like. The TV-Kun magazine has revealed the teaser for the new Ranger team that will debut in 2023. This is the first official release for the 47th Sentai team as only rumors have been circulating since the licensing name was released. Here is a full look at the KingOhger silhouettes and an analysis of what each Ranger could be based on current rumors. 

Silhouettes of Ranger teams have been a reoccurring event every year for TV-Kun magazine, which teases the new Ranger team before the big reveal. In recent years, these have also included teasers for previous Super Sentai shows such as the full team of Kirameiger. The Silhouettes are the first official release for a Sentai team before the Rangers are finally shown in a poster, with the first quarter catalog following at the end of the year. Here are the previous teasers for Super Sentai predecessors, Kirameiger, Zenkaiger, and Donbrothers, respectively.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is already expected to be a king-themed Sentai series, much like how Donbrothers has the Avatar-based theme. Many rumors have been released for the series but all tally up to the conclusion that the Ranger team will have insect motifs, with interchangeable vehicle-motif armor. A lot of rumors have also suggested a coin gimmick instead of gears, CGI insects and physical vehicle Zords, various weapons and items, and even a past Sentai feature. The colors for the rangers will be the same scheme as Donbrothers and Zyuranger but have been difficult for rumors to distinguish easily. This is because the Rangers will also have accent colors with some having armor that differs from their respective scheme.

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KingOhger Official Team Silhouettes 

The first teaser image of the 47th Sentai Ranger team debuted in the December issue of TV-Kun magazine. The teaser shows the silhouettes of the 5 Rangers, which excludes the 6th Ranger rumored to be a purple Spider Ranger, with spaceship motif armor. The silhouettes allow fans to see the details of the Rangers that may suggest what motifs they have, including the reveal of a side-orientated cape that will be part of the Ranger form. Here is the close-up image of the Ranger team’s silhouettes, along with the source page that features the Kamen Rider Ryuki’s Raise Buckle for Kamen Rider Geats

The cape’s orientation perfectly captures the royal aesthetic that fans are anticipating based on the title. The Ranger seems fantastically detailed just going by this fantastic teaser for the upcoming Ranger team of 2023. Thanks to the outlines, there is enough extruding shape on the shoulders to help distinguish the armor that each Ranger has been rumored to have. Although it is not easy to guess, there are details that fans may be able to deduce what each motif of the Rangers may be. Here is what these silhouettes could be identified as including what colors and vehicle armor they could have based on the rumors previously released. 


There are still some rumors that have yet to be confirmed but fans should expect all to be revealed during December. The first official image of the Ranger team should be released in the first week of December, with the 1st quarter catalog reveal closer to Christmas. It will be so exciting to see the Rangers for the first time as they already look fantastically defined. The shapes teased in the silhouette suggest a lot of detail may be used for each Ranger and now the first full picture of the 47th Sentai is nearing release.

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Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the 47th installment of the Super Sentai franchise and will premiere in 2023. The show is expected to air between February and March next year, after the finale of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. Keep an eye on upcoming articles for the first look at the new Sentai Ranger team. 


What do you think of the teaser for KingOhger? Are you excited about the reveal of the 47th Sentai team? Do you think these silhouettes match the rumors? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. 

SOURCE: SentaiFive, Twitter

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