Logitech G Cloud Review – 2022’s Ultimate Cloud Gaming System

Logitech G Cloud is the Ultimate Cloud Gaming system, of cloud-only game systems.
Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud is the Ultimate Cloud Gaming system, of cloud-only game systems.

Cloud gaming is not being talked about enough. I do not understand how the people in my life aren’t as in awe of this incredible advance in gaming technology as I am. You can play full-quality console games everywhere. Games like Gears of War, Halo, and Mass Effect on just about any smart device connected to the internet. This means with your smartphone, you can play all of these incredible games at any time. However, console games generally still play better with a controller and your phone’s touchscreen. Luckily the Logitech G Cloud can help with that.

The Logitech G Cloud is Comfy Gaming Personified

When Logitech announced the Logitech G Cloud, I was ecstatic. Mainly because I could play Fortnite on my couch while I watched TV or play Halo in bed until I fall asleep. Basically, I can game while I would normally do other things. Technically I could do it with my phone with a controller attachment, but it’s not the same. There’s something about the controller and screen together that gives you the comfort of a Gameboy, but the full console gaming experience. Nintendo perfected it over the years, so it makes sense a lot of other companies are inspired by the design.

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The Logitech G Cloud isn’t just some Switch copy that you can cloud game on though, it is a real step up in the design. The ergonomic grips in combination with the extremely light weight make for an exceptional gaming experience no matter how you’re playing. There is no better system out there that can be played lying down. Steam Deck, Switch, DS, or even your phone. Something about the unique combination of its design lets you game, still get sleepy but also keeps it from falling on your face. It also helps that it runs silently and doesn’t heat up.

Mobile Gaming Versatility Brought to Real Games

Logitech G Cloud

Its utility is its greatest appeal. The Logitech G Cloud is meant to be picked up and put down quickly and instantly. It brings the lackadaisical mobile gaming experience to actual games. I was able to beat Sleeping Dogs over the course of a few weeks because I was able to pick up and put down the game with no load times or setups. The quick and instant access is something many don’t realize is what keeps them from gaming. Though it isn’t incredibly faster than loading up a console or PC, it doesn’t register the same way.

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It’s like picking up and putting down a tablet. It’s the ease of opening up Candy Crush but the satisfaction and experience of playing Psychonauts 2. It allows gamers to play actual games instead of manipulative apps that gamify addiction to bleed your wallets. It does increase the chance of losing track of time, depending on the game, but it is also easier to put down than a controller or logging out of a game on a PC.

It’s a Little More than Just the Cloud

Logitech G Cloud

On top of a premiere cloud gaming experience, The Logitech G Cloud is also a fully functioning Android tablet. This allows for a lot of unadvertised options. I loaded it with emulators, ROMs, books, and videos, which made it the ultimate travel entertainment device even without internet. This can also be done on smartphones and tablets. But it was generally a better experience on the G Cloud than it is on my phone.

The Logitech G Cloud’s “But…”

Logitech G Cloud

The Logitech G Cloud is wifi only, which limits its portability. Most free wifi spots, especially the airport, are not great for cloud gaming yet. Noticeable lag and choppiness in the gameplay did make them unplayable. However, it did work extremely well when I played on hot-spot wifi networks on phones with even 4g service. If you are able to hotspot with your phone, you are good to go wherever you have a signal.

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The Logitech G Cloud’s dependent nature on wifi is made more noticeable by its $349.99 MSRP. Which is only $50 less than a 64gb Steam Deck. The Steam Deck is a much more powerful system and enables PC-quality gaming even without the internet, assuming you have a model with enough storage or you added a storage card. In contrast, though still able to play some games offline, the Logitech G Cloud has trouble running some of the more strenuous Wii Games. It also doesn’t have access to Netflix which is a really weird app to not be able to download on an Android device.

The Logitech G Cloud is Great, Just Not Essential

Logitech G Cloud

Everything The Logitech G Cloud is intended to do, it does extremely well and flawlessly. It is a premiere cloud gaming experience, and easily the best handheld cloud gaming experience there is. Its ergonomic design and amazing battery life ensure that it is the cloud gaming experience to beat. It brings the ease and versatility of mobile “games” to real gaming.

It just doesn’t bring a unique experience. While easily the best cloud gaming experience, cloud gaming can be done in a very similar fashion with something like the PowerA Moga XP-7 and your smartphone. If we’re talking cloud gaming only, the G Cloud wins. What it is intended to do, it is the best at. However, cloud gaming from a smartphone or a Stream Deck still offers a lot more options and has Netflix. If there’s no wifi, you can likely still play off your smartphone’s network. If there’s no wifi, the Steam Deck offers far more robust options.

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The Logitech G Cloud is the ultimate cloud gaming experience. It brings the ease and utility of mobile “games” to actual games. Its lightweight and ergonomic design, in combination with its long-lasting battery life, makes for numerous quick sessions or a few long gaming sessions easily and readily available. One that I know countless gamers would love. However, it’s a luxury that can be closely matched by other options which also exceed its capabilities in common scenarios. Those options are also noticeably cheaper or just slightly more expensive. What it does it does spectacularly well, but it’s at a price that causes many to pause.

While the Logitech G Cloud is unabashedly the best handheld cloud gaming experience, its noticeable price point and less capable options outside of cloud gaming make it a pleasant luxury but not a must-have. For its intended purpose, it is flawless, but because it isn’t as capable as similar options for the price, I give the Logitech G Cloud a 3/5.

The Logitech G Cloud is available now for $349.99

Logitech G Cloud

Will you be getting a Logitech G Cloud for yourself or someone you really like? Are you cloud gaming? If not, why are you not cloud gaming? Let us know what you think and share your other gift ideas with us on Social Media!

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