Glorious KingOhger confirmations leaked for Rangers, Zords, and Toys


KingOhger releases have been confirmed on Rangerboard by a toy leaker, who has given details relating to the Rangers and the 1st toy catalog. The release information for the 47th Sentai was shared by Sentai enthusiast, Matt Hunt, known as Dukemon on the Ranger forum site. The information reveals listings for the Rangers and confirms a lot about the next Sentai for 2023. This also shares details about new additions never mentioned in past rumors and confirms some that have been shared previously.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the new 47th Super Sentai series coming in 2023, after Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. The new show has a royal theme as suggested by the name but will also include Insect Rangers, with a different motif for each. A lot of rumors have been passed around on Rangerboard, which are from the same source as the rumors eventually confirmed for shows such as Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. Now in December, official releases are beginning to compile as they are expected to release at the start of the month and before Christmas. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger team and Listing Confirmations 


Confirmations relating to the new 47th Ranger team were provided by a toy leaker and was shared on Rangerboard by Dukemon. The information confirms various rumors of the team, including the motifs of the Rangers, the colors of the core team members, the weapons, and even the Zords. In addition, the first toy catalog information has fully been revealed and will also include villains and their vinyl figures, roleplay items, and even a Donbrothers connection with pre-show integration.


This has confirmed many rumors but also rules out specific information that fans may have expected from the new Ranger team. This includes the colors of the Rangers, which rumors had difficulty finding a concreate answer for. The confirmations also share that one Ranger is purple instead of Pink, as stated by an origial rumor for the composition of the team. The motifs of the Rangers have been revealed to be Stag Beetle, Dragonfly, Mantis, Papillion (Butterfly), and Bee/wasp.  


The comparison of the Ranger looking like the Hollywood’s armored Power Rangers certainly sounds like this Ranger team will be defying the usual concept, much like Gobusters and Zenkaiger. The use of metallic colors will make the Rangers stand out in the upcoming poster and it will be amazing to finally see the whole team for the first time. The odd thing about the confirmations is that they mention almost nothing regarding the vehicle armor from rumors, aside from its appearance. This will be a key feature that will be interesting to discover as there has not been much mentioned regarding the rumored addition.

Changer and Weapons for KingOhger 

The Morpher for the new Ranger team has been revealed to be a Sword, which each Ranger will be used to transform into a Ranger. A mysterious shield-like item that is present in the silhouette has finally been revealed as a weapon, which transforms from Shield to individual weapons for each Ranger. This is similar to the KyuTheWeapon from Kyuranger and will even be able to combine with the Sword to form a like naginata spear. The Sword will also have three different finishing attacks and will be able to combine with the touch-screen cell phone that acts as a belt buckle.  

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The sword sounds much like the Gingaman Changer known in Power Rangers as the Lost Galaxy TransMorpher, which also had the ability to switch between the different Ranger colors. The roleplay items for this series will be as grand as many past Super Sentai shows based on the information provided. Allowing many fans to enjoy the action gimmick of the show along with the multi-combination gimmick that fans have loved. It will be exciting to see the first images of the arsenal for KingOhger. 

Incredible Range of Zords and 1st quarter Megazord 

A total of 10 Zords have been revealed to be part of the first release, with artillery Zords also listed in the confirmations. This confirmation means that fans will be able to obtain the new Mecha of the Sentai series as part of the first releases. This is unlike Avataro Sentai Donbrothers which released Don Zenkai-Oh before the Don Onitaijin for the 2nd quarter, due to being a Zenkaiger debut. Unlike most shows, confirmations suggest the formation of the megazord requires the 5 Ranger-linked Zords with 5 other Insect Zords. 

Although 10 will be used to form the new Mecha for KingOhger, there will also be 5 other artillery insect Zords that will become weapons. This includes a transformation to switch from insect to weapon, which are Kabuto Beetle cannon, Scorpion Claw, grasshopper chest armor, pillbug hammer, and a snail gatling gun. The Beetle, Scorpion, and Grasshopper will also be able to combine at the same time with the Megazord to make a super combination, much like the formations seen in Sentai series such as Boukenger and GoOnger.  

It’s fantastic that fans will be able to get the main Megazord for the series instead of waiting for the 2nd quarter. This may also mean the show will be debuting the Zords and Megazords earlier than Donbrothers had set the premiere for. The concept seems as great as the Zords seen in Gaoranger, LupinRanger VS Patoranger, and Boukenger, which include all include individual Zords and extra armaments. The images will be exciting to see as there have yet to be confirmations regarding the vehicle element to the Rangers. 

Villains mentioned for 47th Sentai 

There were no rumors released for the new villains of the show, but the confirmations have finally given details regarding the plans for the 47th Sentai. Three villains have been confirmed in the new show and will be released as vinyl figures in the first wave of toys. All that has been revealed are the comparable appearances of these new characters. These include similarities to Ultraman Belial, Miramon, and an alien from an Ultraman Movie as listed for fans to compare for appearance. Additionally, the figures for the Rangers will no longer be Change Heroes and will also come with a Stag Beetle Motorcycle for red. 

It is fantastic that villains will be included in the first wave as it took a while before the release of the Noto generals for Donbrothers. The fact that they are not action figures like the Ranger may suggest the creators are gauging interest to check demand, which will depend on what fans think of the new antagonists. It will be interesting to see if these villains are Tokusatsu warriors too or if they decided to make them more like monsters like in the past. Either way, the new Ranger figures sound like a new line will be started and the bike may be related to the Zords, like the Bikes seen in Power Rangers Wild Force

Rumors debunked, or to be confirmed, & Prices 

So far, there is no confirmations relating to the Sentai coin gimmick and CGI monsters that had previously been floating in rumors. Since the Spiders are included in the 10-zord Megazord combination, we have yet to discover if the 6th Ranger rumors may be true, but the Spider could be numerically correct. One thing that has not been confirmed is the use of vehicle armor and their switchable gimmick, which may not exist as expected based on the information provided.  

Information regarding the prices of the confirmed toys have recently been revealed but excludes the Morpher. These prices are mostly for the new Megazord of the series and reveal the sets and single releases for the artillery Zords. These include the Kabuto Beetle, Scorpion, and Grasshopper Zords sold separately and as a set. These prices are in Japanese Yen but may help fans figure out the amount they may require to obtain all the latest items in this new Ranger series. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is expected to release the official material in December, with a TV series release date expected in the first quarter of 2023. The first promotional image for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers was released around the 10th of December 2022, so fans could expect the first image to debut this Sunday. Keep an eye on our social media for the image drop coming soon. 


What do you think of the confirmations for KingOhger? Do you like the designs that have been mentioned for the new Sentai Ranger team? What are you hoping to see first out of the 47th Sentai toy listings? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. 

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Source: Rangerboard 


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