Kevin Conroy will Play Batman One Last Time in Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League

Suicie Squad - Kill the Justice League - Batman Reveal

Warner Bros. Games and DC Entertainment dropped a big reveal this week for the upcoming game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The new “Shadows” CG reveal cinematic revealed Batman as one of the corrupted Justice League members opposing the Suicide Squad in the game. However, it also revealed the late, iconic actor Kevin Conroy is back to once again voice the character one last time for Rocksteady Studios.

Christmas Bloody Christmas: Director Joe Begos Is Passionate About The Slasher Genre


Christmas Bloody Christmas is a new film about one small town’s struggle for survival against the onslaught of an evil, robotic Santa Claus.  RLJE Films and Shudder partnered with writer, director, and producer Joe Begos to create this brand-new festive nightmare. The upcoming horror film releases in theaters and on the Shudder streaming service on […]

Glorious KingOhger confirmations leaked for Rangers, Zords, and Toys


KingOhger releases have been confirmed on Rangerboard by a toy leaker, who has given details relating to the Rangers and the 1st toy catalog. The release information for the 47th Sentai was shared by Sentai enthusiast, Matt Hunt, known as Dukemon on the Ranger forum site. The information reveals listings for the Rangers and confirms […]