Power Rangers: Ranger Academy Reveal New Comic Cover

The cover for the upcoming Power Rangers comic, Ranger Academy, has finally been revealed.
Ranger Academy Comic

The cover for the upcoming Power Rangers comic, Ranger Academy, has finally been revealed. The latest release was previously announced as part of the line-up for Free Comic Book Day 2023. This is the first official look at the new comic from Boom! Studios for a new story within the Power Rangers universe. This cover art will also gift fans with hints regarding the story featured in the release including a preview of new characters. 

Power Rangers: Ranger Academy was previously revealed to be part of the Free Comic Book Day line-up for 2023. This new comic will be written by Maria Ingrande Mora, with art by Jo Mi-Gyeong. Truly little information has been revealed about the comic book as even the cover wasn’t revealed until recently. Fans have wondered if the comic has any relation to the 30th-anniversary anniversary special since a ‘Space Patrol Academy’ badge has been seen on the uniform worn by Johnny Yong Bosch’s Adam. 

Power Rangers: Ranger Academy Comic Reveals Cover 

Boom! Studios Power Rangers

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The cover of the upcoming Boom! Studios’ comic shows fans a preview of the contents expected in the new release. The cover art was created by Miguel Mercado and features three new characters in brand-new uniforms, which have yet to be introduced or identified. The comic cover also teases the Command Center, which fans will recognize from the original MMPR. There are also character silhouettes teased in a Crystral-like object, which has each figure in a different color. Here is the cover for the Power Rangers: Ranger Academy Comic. 

Ranger Academy Comic

The new characters straightaway take the focus of the cover and even have nostalgic-looking uniforms, with a Ranger Lightning bolt badge. The design is reminiscent of the Hyperforce Rangers since they have a lightning bolt segregating the design on their jackets. They also have defined colors on their uniforms, which could suggest Ranger colors for their future. The Command Center is a significant addition to this cover, which had previously been destroyed in past shows. This could be the Command Center rebuilt or even the Power Chamber featured in Power Ranger Zeo and Turbo.  

The color-based silhouettes are an interesting tease to the poster as they could be Rangers and mentors to the three characters featured on the cover. Although it is difficult to guess who these characters could be, there appears to be a blue dog that is like SPD’s Doggie Cruiger, which could suggest the same character or same species. It will be interesting to see if all characters featured in the comic will be completely new or if renowned Rangers will make their debut for this new comic event. 

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“It’s time to enroll in a bold new take on the Power Rangers mythology in this Free Comic Day Special! Class is in session for the start of an epic saga that is sure to delight longtime Rangers fans, and provide an excellent jumping-on point for brand new readers.”  

Boom! Studios’ Ranger Academy will be part of the Free Comic Book Day lineup that will release on April 5, 2023. For more information regarding the line-up for the event, check out the official website using the following link

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Source: Free Comic Book Day

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