Mattel and Minecraft Team Up for the Greatest Cross-Reality Camp Experience with Camp Enderwood

Mattel and Minecraft have partnered up on new Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC Map and Toy Line.
Minecraft Camp Enderwood

Mattel and Minecraft have partnered up on new Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC Map and Toy Line.

Learn archery, go horseback riding, have a s’more, and more camp favorites in Minecraft’s Camp Enderwood DLC. Mattel and Minecraft have created the ultimate camp experience for fans in-game and IRL (in real life) with the new destination in-game and a new toy line in real life. Camp Enderwood was developed in partnership between Mattel, Minecraft, and Cyclone designs. This island camp resort is full of unique mini-games, and is available now to download for free on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft’s Camp Enderwood

  • Minecraft Camp Enderwood
  • Minecraft Camp Enderwood
  • Minecraft Camp Enderwood

Players who make their way to the digital destination can try their hands at roasting marshmallows, arts and crafts, disco dancing, and even take part in the Glamper Scavenger Hunt. The camp is full of fun and spooky surprises. While there are plenty of activities, it is not all fun and games for the campers. Numerous Cryptoids roam the island and will put players’ new abilities to the test. Camp Enderwood is where the adventure destination of dreams-and nightmares! Be sure to watch the trailer below for an in-depth look.

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Mattel’s Camp Enderwood Creator Series

  • Mattel Creator Series Minecraft Camp Enderwood
  • Mattel Creator Series Minecraft Camp Enderwood
  • Mattel Creator Series Minecraft Camp Enderwood

Coinciding with the Camp Enderwood DLC is Mattel’s release of a bespoke Creator Series Toy Line. Characters introduced at camp will be available as action figures and come with a great assortment of interchangeable accessories. In addition, these action figure packs come with exclusive in-game items accessed via unique codes. Players will be able to explore Camp Enderwood in-game and IRL with newcomer characters and fan favorites alike including Top Athlete, CampRockstar, Glamper, Star Child, Gamer, Ska Kid, Craft Lady, Avid Adventurer, Moth Creature, Sunken Spirit, and the Yeti.

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Half of the Camp Enderwood character roster will be released as toys this spring, with the other half debuting this summer. All accessory pieces are swappable amongst all Camp Enderwood action figures. The accessories are also available for free digitally in the game’s Character Creator. Players can then translate inspiration from their toys into the game, recreating their favorite products in game and vice versa.

Happy Campers

Minecraft Camp Enderwood

“Mattel is committed to providing fans of our iconic brands with new channels to experience their favorite characters and storylines. In partnership with Minecraft, we are thrilled to bridge new connections between the physical and digital worlds. CampEnderwood is the place where those scary campfire stories are true, and we cannot wait to share it with Minecraft fans.”

PJ Lewis, Global Head of Action Figures at Mattel

Camp Enderwood’s gaming experience celebrates player self-expression in the context of aspirational activities true to Minecraft, and the new product offering lets fans recreate the essence of their favorite characters, bringing them to life in toy form. Figure selections represent a variety of costume styles, skin tones, and gender expressions aligned to the diversity and inclusion already present in the Minecraft community.

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“We are proud to partner with Mattel on bringing Camp Enderwood to life. Minecraft is focused on bringing our community thoughtful experiences through fun and engaging activities in new and exciting ways. We believe the unique and vibrant cast of characters within the toy line and DLC reflects the diverse and inclusive community of Minecraft.”

Federico San Martin,Director of Minecraft Consumer Products

Minecraft Camper Enderwood DLC is available to download, for free, on Minecraft Marketplace. Mattel’s Creator Series Minecrafter Camp Enderwood Toy Line is releasing the first wave in the spring and the second wave this summer.

Minecraft Camp Enderwood Trailer

Are you ready to go to Camp Enderwood? Which characters are you looking to add to your collection? What is your favorite camp memory? Let us know your thoughts and share your experiences in Camp Enderwood with us on social media.

Source: Mattel

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