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Crunchyroll has launched a new Music initiative for the anime platform, featuring a fantastic array of performances to the streaming service. The anime streaming platform has added a new option in partnership with Sony for fans to enjoy various music, concerts, and performances from the artists that contribute to anime franchises. The announcement was made during the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 event, which teased the new hub of content for subscribers to enjoy online. 

The Anime Awards 2023 hosted by Crunchyroll has highlighted the greatest contributions from musicians including hosting live performances and celebrating award winners SiM, Gen Hoshino, and Kohta Yamamoto & Hiroyuki Sawano. The music featured in the library of anime content has captured audiences and provided heightened emotions to many iconic moments in a range of anime genres.


The new addition to the popular anime platform allows fans to enjoy the abundance of music featured throughout anime, including iconic songs featured from Sony Music.

Crunchyroll Unleashes Iconic Music for Anime Platform 

From the classic opening and ending tracks of beloved series to the songs driving the narrative throughout, anime remains a great way for fans to be part of the Japanese music scene.

Popular music from Japan enjoys a global and growing audience, and one of the best ways fans can discover established and up-and-coming acts is through the music in anime.  It’s integral to driving the emotions and narrative of the craft of anime. 

Crunchyroll, the global brand serving fans the ultimate anime experience, celebrates Japanese music and musicians with the launch of a new music initiative that brings thousands of iconic videos and hundreds of popular and contemporary artists from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ) to its service. 

During the Crunchyroll Anime Awards held this year in Japan on March 4th, the company announced a new music initiative celebrating Japanese music and musicians that brings iconic performances from popular and contemporary artists to its service. Users of Crunchyroll can now enjoy access to an extensive library of short-form music videos and more than 100 full-length live concerts from SMEJ artists, including Aimer, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, LiSA, Hiroyuki Sawano, and many more. 

Crunchyroll is partnering with US-based Sony Music Entertainment (SME) to license SMEJ’s content outside of Japan. 


The new music and content hub on the streaming platform is now available to its audience of 10M+ paying subscribers. User features include music video curation, an artist listing page, and search integration, followed by a dedicated music landing page/screen, enhanced discoverability, and show page integrations in the future.  

“Crunchyroll is always looking for ways to add more value for its fans, and we know that anime and music have always been intrinsically connected art forms. From the early years of anime, music artists have worked closely with the anime producers to write lyrics and meaningfully integrate the music into the story. Crunchyroll wants to replicate that same synergy for our fans.”

Asa Suehira, Chief Content Officer for Crunchyroll

Over the last five years, anime music has become more accessible outside of Japan. Playlisting on Spotify and Apple Music has accelerated global popularity, with influential playlists on Spotify including Anime Hits, Anime on Replay, and Anime Now, and on Apple Music, New in: Anime and Anime Character Songs

Over the last few years, Crunchyroll has been opening the door for music at events, including its yearly flagship Crunchyroll Expo, alongside New York Comic Con, Anime Expo, San Diego Comic-Con, and Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Music Festival, co-producing or presenting IP-inspired concerts, collaborating with DJs or sponsoring artists, and dance parties. 


It is an absolute joy that fans will be able to enjoy the great artists that contribute to the fantastic anime titles that Crunchyroll brings to the world. There are so many iconic songs and releases that have enhanced many great moments featured in different anime. For fans to have access to this library is a fantastic occasion as fans can enjoy the contributors and artists they love, with much more accessibility than ever before. It also opens the ability for artists to be discovered better, including links embedded in the anime are enjoying. 

The Crunchyroll Music Initiative is now live with various performances and videos accessible. The feature will also link performances and artists to the anime content that fans are enjoying as a list of relevant links will now appear on the anime streaming platform.  

What do you think of the Crunchyroll Music Initiative? Are you glad music is now available on the anime streaming platform? Which artist or score has been your favorite from an anime series? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more anime news. 


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