KingOhger Latest Toys Reveals Legend Shugods, God Scorpion and God Hopper

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger deluxe line has revealed God Scorpion and God Hopper as the latest Shugods released.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger deluxe line has revealed God Scorpion and God Hopper as the latest Shugods released. These new additions to the 47th Sentai series can form new combinations with the main Robo of the series, the King-Ohja. They have also been revealed to be part of the 13-combination formation that includes the God Kabuto. Here are the full details regarding the upcoming release of the new Shugods that are part of the Legendary trio.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger features a Royal and insect-themed Ranger team that currently consists of 12 known Shugods in the series. This includes the 10 Shugods that form the King-Ohja Robo and the additional Shugods that can form weapons. God Kabuto is part of a trio of Legend Shugods, which made its debut in Episode 3 of the 47th Sentai series, with its full debut and cannon form teased for episode 4. The toy version of God Kabuto has already been released as part of a special box set with the DX King-Ohja Robo. 

God Kabuto featured in Ohsama Sentai KingOhger Episode 4

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There are many domestic Shugods in the series, but only oversized and guardian types are part of the Ranger’s arsenal. It was recently revealed that the trio of Shugods is known as Chikyu’s treasures and the three major guardian deities. In Episode 4 of Ohsama Sentai KingOhger it was also revealed that whereas 10 Shugods decided to live with humans, three hated humans and wished to live away from them. The Legend King-Ohja from the origin story of the Kingdoms was formed using all 13 ShuGods, which is currently known as the most powerful combination.  

KingOhger God Scorpion and God Hopper Revealed  

The DX God Scorpion and DX God Hopper are the two other Shugods that are part of the trio that is known as Chikyu’s treasures. Like God Kabuto, they have a dominant Black and Gold color scheme and can combine with the 10 Shugods that form the King-Ohja. Each of these Shugods forms a new weapon for the main Robo of the series, while also having an action feature as an individual toy. The toys will be single releases but will also be sold as a trio pack, which will also include God Kabuto and fans that make an early purchase will receive the Kabuto ShuGod Soul.

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The Scorpion Shugod will form a claw that is mainly used on the left arm of the Robo, which includes an opposable thumb formed. The Grasshopper Shugod forms the chest and leg armor, granting a leg blade for knee strikes. The shiny gold decoration will be found on the claws of God Scorpion and the inside of God Hopper contains shiny gold deco like God Kabuto. Each Shugod can combine individually or can form the 13-Shugod combination, Legend King-Ohja, with the two God Tentou on the God Scorpion and God Kabuto. 

The color scheme for these Shugods is absolutely incredible as they have fantastic detailing but also have individual colors as seen for past mecha sets. This includes green for God Kabuto, Pink for God Hopper, and Cyan for God Scorpion, giving them defined individuality despite making a color-matching supreme formation. The body and leg armor created by God Hopper is an instant favorite as the details are fantastic, while also adding leg-based weaponry.  

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The claw formed by the Scorpion isn’t the best design in terms of the over-extended claw, but the opposable thumb adds to the design perfectly. Overall, the conformed color scheme is a perfect choice that makes the Legend King-Ohja look legendary. It will be interesting to see what other formations can be made in the future since the debut is so early, but there are certainly a lot of potential places for combing more such as the pegs on the feet of the Robo formed by God Kamikiri and God Hachi.   

KingOhger DX God Scorpion and DX God Hopper will be released on April 22, 2023, as single releases. DX 3 Dai ShuGod Set with God Kabuto, God Hopper & God Scorpion will also be released on the same day. The Kabuto ShuGod Soul will be given to those that purchase early while stock last for those that buy the 3-pack set. 

Kingohger logo

What do you think of the DX God Scorpion and DX God Hopper? Will you be getting the DX 3 Dai ShuGod Set with the Kabuto ShuGod Soul? Do you think there will be bigger combinations coming to Ohsama Sentai KingOhger? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.

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