Lord Zedd Morphs in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106 and Fans Will Never Be the Same

Lord Zedd morphs into a new Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106.

The latest issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has revealed a Ranger form for the iconic villain, Lord Zedd. The release from the Boom! Studios comic series has surprised fans beyond expectations as the foe accesses the Morphin Grid with his hidden asset. This has shocked fans of Power Rangers and the comic series as his debut adds a new Dark Ranger to the franchise. Here are all the details of the recent debut which featured as a cliffhanger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #106.

Lord Zedd first debuted in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 as the first original villain in the franchise, with his own menacing and horrific design. He referred to himself as the Emporer of Evil and was the true leader of the space aliens that attacked Earth, with Rita Repulsa revealed to be his high-ranking minion. He was played by Edwin Neal and voiced by Robert Axelrod in the original series but has recently returned through revival during Power Rangers Dino Fury.

It was revealed in the comics that he was once a former guardian of Eltar and Mentor to Zordon, named Zophram, but was corrupted by power and deformed into his current state by the Zeo Crystal.  

Lord Zedd Morphs into a Dark Ranger In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106

In Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #106 by Melissa Flores and Simona Di Gianfelice, Lord Zedd revealed his new Ranger form after revealing his own Morpher, which granted him his lost mask and a suit similar to his exposed appearance. Lord Zedd has recovered much of his health but remains caged while being overseen by soldiers.


The attack from Rita Repulsa left Lord Zedd broken as the empress became Mistress Vile and attacked her former allies, leading to the Rangers imprisoning and nursing the villain in the Command Center. However, he makes his escape using his new Power and defeats the guards of his prison. Despite the common enemy, Lord Zedd has no intention of teaming up with the Rangers and wishes to pursue vengeance alone. 

His Ranger form is a perfect reflection of Lord Zedd’s monstrous form and adds greater diversity to Power Rangers and the various Dark Rangers in the franchise. The armor plating and flesh materials and colors make his Ranger form still look powerful and villainous, with adding some nice details, including the blue on parts of the suit. The White boots and gloves are a nice contrast to his detailed suit and allow Lord Zedd to get his iconic mask back as a helmet, which is a brilliant feature linking to the story. 

It will be interesting to discover if Lord Zedd has some secret powers linked to his Ranger form, as the Villain has always been a powerful foe, with the ability to create monsters with his Z Staff. The first fight of the Ranger will be a significant debut for the next issues coming soon, especially if he has new abilities and attacks. It may not be possible for Lord Zedd to have a new Zord for this Ranger form, but it could be a possible link to his known personal Zord, Serpentera. Whether this Ranger form is linked to the Zord, along with other potential new additions to his arsenal, has yet to be revealed. 

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #106 is out now, featuring the first look at Lord Zedd’s Ranger form. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #107 will be released on April 19, 2023, and will continue the Boom! Studios story created by Melissa Flores and Simona Di Gianfelice. 

What do you think of Lord Zedd’s Ranger form? Are you enjoying the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic series? Do you have any guessing on what new powers and abilities Lord Zedd could have as a Dark Ranger? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers. 


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