Shortcomings – Randall Park’s Astounding Directorial Debut to Release in August

Shortcomings, Randall Park's directorial debut, will screen at Tribeca Festival, before wide release in August

Randall Park, best known for his roles in Fresh Off the Boat and WandaVision, is making his directorial debut with the upcoming film Shortcomings, set to release in theaters on August 4, 2023, distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. The film has already garnered critical acclaim since its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is set to make its New York premiere at the Tribeca Festival next month, where it will be screened in the Spotlight Narratives section.

Based on the Eisner-winning cartoonist Adrian Tomine’s graphic novel of the same name, Shortcomings is a landmark of Asian American fiction and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Tomine himself adapted the script and executive produces the film. The movie stars Justin H. Min, Sherry Cola, and Ally Maki, with appearances from Tavi Gevinson, Debby Ryan, Sonoya Mizuno, Timothy Simons, and Jacob Batalon.

Shortcomings Is Groundbreaking

The film follows Ben (played by Justin H. Min), a struggling filmmaker living in Berkeley, California, with his girlfriend Miko (Ally Maki), who works for a local Asian American film festival. When Miko moves to New York for an internship, Ben is left to his own devices, and he begins to explore what he wants in life. Ben spends his time managing an arthouse movie theater, obsessing over unavailable blonde women, and eating at diners with his best friend Alice (Sherry Cola), a queer grad student with a serial dating habit.

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The film tackles themes such as identity, culture, relationships, and ambition, all of which are relevant and timely topics in today’s society. Shortcomings highlights the experiences of Asian Americans in a way that is not often seen in mainstream media, making it an important and groundbreaking film.

The film is produced by Imminent Collision, Picture Films, Roadside Attractions, and Tango, with executive producers from Topic Studios and other industry leaders. The cast and crew have worked tirelessly to bring the graphic novel to life, and their efforts have paid off. The film has been praised for its compelling storytelling, sharp humor, and powerful performances.

Randall Park as Timmy in episode 101 Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022

Park’s directorial debut is highly anticipated by fans of his work, who have come to know and love him for his acting skills. With Shortcomings, he proves that he is not only a talented actor but also a skilled director with a unique vision.

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The film is a significant step forward for Asian American representation in Hollywood, as it centers around an Asian American protagonist and features a predominantly Asian American cast. It is a positive sign that Hollywood is slowly starting to recognize the importance of diverse storytelling and casting.

Shortcomings is a highly anticipated film that promises to be a powerful and thought-provoking look at identity, culture, and relationships. Randall Park’s directorial debut is a significant milestone for Asian American representation in Hollywood and is sure to be an important film for years to come. With a talented cast and crew, a compelling story, and a unique perspective, Shortcomings is a must-see film that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on audiences.

About Shortcomings


Release Date: August 4, 2023
Director: Randall Park
Cinematography: Santiago Gonzalez
Music by: Gene Back
Production by: Roadside Attractions; Topic Studios; Picture Film; Imminent Collision; Tango Entertainment
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics

Ben (Justin H. Min), a struggling filmmaker, lives in Berkeley, California, with his girlfriend, Miko (Ally Maki), who works for a local Asian American film festival. When he’s not managing an arthouse movie theater as his day job, Ben spends his time obsessing over unavailable blonde women, watching Criterion Collection DVDs, and eating in diners with his best friend Alice (Sherry Cola), a queer grad student with a serial dating habit. When Miko moves to New York for an internship, Ben is left to his own devices, and begins to explore what he thinks he might want.

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