Power Rangers Ranger Academy Teases A Great new indirect Story for the Morphin Grid

The special sneak peek of Power Rangers Ranger Academy delivers a great teaser to the upcoming series. The new Boom! Studios comics offers a great new perspective to the Morphin Grid.
Ranger Academy

Power Rangers’ Ranger Academy comic unusually explores an indirect new story, teasing mysteries with Rangers-In-Training. The first new issue from Boom! Studios was released as part of the Free Comic Book Day this year, which starts a brand-new series for the Power Rangers Universe. The latest release features new characters that collide into a new adventure, which has yet to include a Ranger from any known team.

Ranger Academy is the latest Power Rangers comic book series released by Boom! Studios, featuring a whole new story about Ranger cadets. The first release is a special preview featured in the Free Comic Book Day line-up of 2023. The newly released comic was written by Maria Ingrande Mora and created with artist Jo Mi-Gyeong, with more issues coming soon. The series starts a new story featuring three Ranger Academy Cadets and is a series for all ages, but the special is only a sneak peek of the upcoming release.  

Ranger Academy Teases With Unexplained Ranger References 

Ranger Academy Comic

The Power Rangers Ranger Academy special released as part of the Free Comic Book Day features Sage, Tula, and Mathis at the beginning of the adventure. The comic teases the series that has yet to be fully explored and explained, including an indirect view of the Power Rangers Universe that has yet to feature a Power Ranger from any series. Along with the main characters, Rhianah has also been introduced as Sage’s Father with a background in spaceship engineering and teased knowledge of the Power Rangers. 

Opening Story Captivates Fans With Mystery 

The story mostly features Sage who is a Shepard that lives on a moon with her father. As she looks after a sheep-like species, they dream of having adventures associated with being a hero and taking care of the flock on an unforgiving planet. Things change when she finds a crashed ship nearby but Sage disregards their father saying to stay away from strangers. This already spins questions about why Sage is being told to stay hidden and opens the mystery of the story. Seeing that both passengers of the ship are in danger of drowning from quickly rising water, Sage dives in to save them despite their father’s warning. 

Sage’s willpower to save both Tula and Mathis highlights her courage and perfect traits that match her desires. Mathis demonstrated the purity of heart as she was calmly willing to prioritize herself to save Tula. Tula also assisted once saved as Mathis was still trapped, causing them to take in water and was hurt most from the crash. Tula’s quick thinking to create a ‘pully’ demonstrated her problem-solving skills in intense situations. Sage showed a lack of knowledge regarding Power Rangers, along with the first mention of Bandorian Monks. 

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Sage’s father appeared who was angry that Sage didn’t listen to his words, plus shouted at her for the first time and causing her to cry. Her father refused to listen and seemed to suggest he knew more about the Ranger Academy than he was willing to say. He aided in retrieving and repairing the ship the next day so they would leave them in peace, revealing his name to Rhianth. He also reacted to the mentioned nickname ‘Rye’, which teased unexplored history, but the duo left while Sage was believed to be in bed. However, Sage sneaking onboard without her father’s knowledge and found while traveling in space is where the story perfectly adds a cliffhanger. 

Potential Ranger History References 

Bandorian Monks Power Rangers Boom

The main references that have been teased include the Bandorian Monks and Merrick. Bandorian Monks previously appeared in Mighty Morphin #9, which featured the Galaxy A47 guardians of the Zeo Crystal in the Bandora Palace, 10,000 years before Rita made it her home. It’s surprising that we will be able to see these characters again in the new story featured in the latest series. The name Merrick is iconic as fans know a character of the same name from Power Rangers Wild Force. It isn’t clear if the Lunar Wolf Ranger is the same as the person mentioned, but the Ranger lived beyond his time due to the curse of Zenaku.  

Tula, Mathis, and even Rhianth suggested they had advanced knowledge of Power Rangers, but Rhianth’s reactions and comments suggest that he has a secret history and deep ties. It’s clear that Rhianth has knowledge of the Morphin Grid considering his knowledge of the Morphin Battery installed in the crashed ship he repaired. It will be interesting to uncover how integrated Tula and Mathis are at the Ranger Academy and how the history of Rhianth will be revealed.  

The First Sample Of Drama and Action 

The biggest piece of drama included in the special is seen between Rhianth and his daughter, Sage. Although he believes in heroic acts, Sage has no knowledge of the Power Rangers, despite clear correlations between the story he tells and the identity of a Power Ranger. Most of the action was featured during the rescue of Mathias and Tula but the beginning is very tame compared to the fighting action fans would usually expect from a Power Rangers story.   

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The relationship between Rhianth and Sage is clear to be an over-protective father and his overly ambitious Daughter who wants to be a hero. It was harsh to see Rhianth stopping Sage despite her dreams to become a hero like the ones in the stories he shared with her. There is a pre-existing relationship between Tula and Mathis including the friendship bond that is clear, especially with the jokes regarding the ‘Kiss with a goat’. It will be interesting to find out what the next issue will bring. 

The First Issue Draws Attention For The Future 

Ranger Academy Tease

The special issue for Free Comic Book Day has delivered a fantastic start to the story, which teases more than it shares. It was great to explore the origins of Tula and Mathis meeting Sage and Rhianth, but many mysteries are still to be revealed. Especially the teasers featured on the front cover created by Fabiana Mascolo, who includes fantastic visuals including the Command Centre and possible mentors of the series along with the three cadets. Fans will be anxiously awaiting the first issues of the Power Rangers Ranger Academy comic coming soon. 

Boom! Studios

Power Rangers Ranger Academy Free Comic Book Day special comic was released on May 6 as part of the lineup for 2023. The release date for the first issue in the new series has yet to be revealed but more announcements are expected of the release in 2023. 

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