Park Beyond Closed Beta Test Now Live

Park Beyond Closed Beta is now live, giving fans a chance to test the game in a sneak preview before release. Attendees will also receive a special bonus for participating.
Park Beyond

Park Beyond Closed Beta test has begun for players who registered for the phase of the game. The latest release from Bandai Namco is still available for fans to test while the testing period is active, allowing many to try out the park management simulator and help improve the expierence before it’s official release. The version of the game during the closed beta will only include a fraction of the full game but gives the opportunity to test the game out for the benefit of players and the designers.

Park Beyond is the latest release in the Theme Park simulator genre, which was developed by Limbic Entertainment. The game allows players to become the owner of their own amusement parks as they take on the roles of creator, manager, and designer as a Visioneer. From running the park to designing your own rides, the game allows players to build their own amusement wonders for people to enjoy. The game also includes a Sandbox Mode that removes all limitations, allowing the players to test crazy ideas and put them into practice. 

Park Beyond Closed Beta Live 

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Today, we are opening the doors of Park Beyond to players for the first time! The Closed Beta Test is accessible on PC from 9th-19th May for those who registered, allowing them to take their first steps into this amusement park management simulation game with a great dose of fun. The Park Beyond Closed Beta Test is a small part of the content that will be available for Park Beyond at release on 16th June.  

Registrations to participate are still open and participants to the Closed Beta Test purchasing the game will receive the bonus golden Omnicar to add to their coasters: 

Watch the trailer here:

Available in this Closed Beta Test are the first two missions of the campaign, which will introduce the colourful cast of characters guiding players through their visionary creations whilst training them with all the know-how needed to manage a successful park. 

The Sandbox mode is also included with one of the many maps from Park Beyond. This is the perfect place to put everything learned from the missions into practice, test out possibilities, management strategies, and push creativity with the modular building, allowing for full customisation of elements as well as coasters. Impossification is also a part of this mode: amaze your visitors and watch as rides and shops get crazier, and staff gets upgraded beyond your imagination! 

The closed Beta testing is great way to check out the Park Beyond before its release, while also perfecting the release as much as possible before it officially goes out. Those who are used to beta testing will know that reporting issues before the game is released is a great way to ensure the game offers a great expierence, without many glitches that could ruin the first playthrough. It is a vital process that allows fans the chance to check out the new game and try the gameplay before anyone else.  

The Closed Beta for Park Beyond will run from May 9 till May 19, which will only be available on PC platforms during this stage. The bonus golden Omnicar will be unlock for all attendees of the beta, which add to their coasters in the game. 

Park Beyond has started its Closed Beta for players to test the latest release. The Beta will only run for a limited time but will include a unique bonus for attendees.

Park Beyond will release on 16th June for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more information on Park Beyond visit the official page. For other Bandai Namco Europe products, visit our website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel

About Park Beyond

Release Date: 16 June 2023
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Platforms: Steam® (PC), XBOX Series X|S, PlayStation 5
Genre: Simulation Game
Rating: PEGI-3

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