Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: New Vivid Morpher Details For The 30th Season Revealed

New close-up images of the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury morpher have been shared on social media, with more features revealed in the design. Let's talk about it.
Power Ranges Cosmic Fury

New Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher close-up images have been shared on social media, with more features revealed in the design. A better look has been given to the Power Ranger’s exclusive morphing device, which will grant new powers as the Dino Fury Rangers evolve into the Cosmic Fury Rangers or their space adventure. Design functions have also been revealed for the upcoming Morpher as the latest series of Power Rangers gets closer to release during the 30th anniversary of the franchise. 

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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is the third installment that takes place after the events featured in Power Rangers Dino Fury. The cast was revealed to have brand-new Ranger forms for their adventures as they head into space, along with huge changes to their appearance and arsenal. The biggest changes were revealed to be Amelia played by Hunter Deno as she becomes the first full-time Red Ranger, with Zayto becoming the mysterious Zenith Ranger. A new Morpher and weapons were also revealed during Hasbro Pulse events but a lot is remaining hidden until the series debuts on Netflix. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher Details and Closer Look 

The Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher was designed by Tracey Trix Collins, who also designed the weapons for the new series. Executive producer, Simon Bennett, gifted fans with close-up view images of the new transformation device that the Power Rangers exclusive team will wield in the upcoming new series. Details regarding the Morpher were already revealed including the blaster function that allows ranges to shoot with their new Morpher, but Benett recently revealed the function of the buttons seen on the top. The functions were revealed to be three buttons for teleport, comms, and de-morph/power down. 

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There are many features yet to be revealed regarding the activation of the Morpher for the Rangers to take on their new form. These are being kept secret for fans to be surprised when finally revealed in the new series airing this Fall. A lot of fans have also wondered if the Kyutama gimmick featured in Uchū Sentai Kyuranger will also be used for the design as the series will be adapting the Voyagers as Zords. This may make the Morpher a complete replacement for the communicator previously used in Power Rangers Dino Fury, but many fans are awaiting the big reveal of the first new Morph sequence.  

The series has also teased more behind-the-scenes images of the weapons that the Rangers will receive with their new Ranger suits. A fantastic new image showing four of the new weapons was shared by Simon Bennett, along with the printed version of the Weapons with Collins. One of the features that haven’t been shown is the new Orange Ranger expected to debut in the upcoming series. It will be interesting to see if more weapons and additions will be added as the series progresses, but fans will have to wait until more announcements are officially released.  

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be released this Fall exclusively on Netflix, with a worldwide release. More announcements are expected during the Hasbro Pulse Power Month as Power Rangers celebrates their 30th anniversary on National Power Rangers Day, August 28.  

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Source: Instagram, @tracey_trix_collins 


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