Andy Muschietti Tapped To Direct The Brave And The Bold: 3rd DCU Director Discovered?

It looks like Andy Muschietti, the man behind The Flash, will be behind The Brave And The Bold.
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Andy Muschietti is here to assist James Gunn in spoiling DC fans, especially those quite fond of a certain caped crusader. Now it looks like The maestro behind It and the upcoming film, The Flash, will be behind The Brave And The Bold.

Not too long ago, Andy Muschietti hinted that he may be directing The Brave and the Bold, DCU’s official introduction to Batman and Robin(Damian Wayne to be specific). Now our friends over at One Take News have revealed that to be the case.

Andy Muschietti Must Have Been In Conversations

News shouldn’t come as a surprise for those of you who have been up to date as much as possible with the mechanics of James Gunn’s DC Universe. In addition to Muschietti teasing his involvement in The Brave and the Bold, Gunn has expressed interest in working with him on another project.

Andy Muschietti’s reputation proceeds him, he has done incredible work on Mama, It and if The Flash is any indication, he may have an eye for the superhero world. From the trailers and previews alone, his take on Tim’s Burton with the seasoned Michael Keaton looks jaw-dropping, and from the early screenings, it received widespread acclaim. If Muschietti can do amazing things with someone else’s version of Batman, imagine what he can do with his own.

Was Christina Hodson In The Room Where It Happens?

Recently, Twitter scooper MyTimeToShineHello added to the revelation only for renowned journalist Umberto Gonzalez to shed some light on the matter.

According to Gonzalez, there is no deal for either at this time given the WGA strike. However, he’s not exactly saying they’re not working on the movie, he’s just saying there’s currently no deal, but judging by his phrasing of words and what we know thus far, I’m positive there was an unofficial agreement. I am 100% sure they’re waiting for the strike to conclude before they can officially proceed.

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Following James Gunn’s grand reveal of some of the first projects for Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, Gunn revealed DCU’s writers’ room comprising himself, Drew Goddard, Jeremy Carver, Christal Henry, Tom King, and most notably Christina Hodson. Considering how Christina Hodson penned the script for Birds of Prey(and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and The Flash, I’d be more surprised if she doesn’t write the script for The Brave And The Bold.

Andy Muschietti would become the DCU’s third director following Superman Legacy’s James Gunn and Swamp Thing’s James Mangold.

After All, Robert Pattinson Is Not The Batman, Just A Batman

the batman sequel The Joker Heath Ledger Barry Keoghan The Batman

There’s not much known about The Brave and The Bold, other than that it’s set in the DCU and will feature Batman’s ten or twelve-year-old biological son, Damian Wayne as Robin. So with that being said, neither Michael Keaton, Robert Pattinson, nor any of the previous actors who donned the cowl will not be the DCU’s Batman.

It’s worth mentioning that Robert Pattinson is in a unique position as Matt Reeves’ The Batman franchise is not set in the DCU. The Batman is under DC Elseworlds’ division for projects outside the DCU. Pattinson’s not done as Batman yet, he just won’t be the mainstream Batman.

Also, for those of you who want Aidan Gallagher to portray Damian Wayne, it’s not happening, Gallagher is a twenty-year-old Caucasian man, stop it.

Andy Muschietti's Robin

Would you like to see Andy Muschietti direct The Brave and The Bold? Do you think Christina Holdson will write the script? Be sure to let us know, and follow us on social media for more content like this, we’re always watching.


Source: One Take News


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