Pixar Celebrates Disney 100 with Sleek New Steelbook Editions of Classic Films

Fan-Favorite Pixar films coming rereleasing in exclusive Disney 100 Steelbook editions.
Disney 100 Pixar SteelBook

As Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebration continues, Pixar fans are in for a treat on June 6th. Three beloved Disney•Pixar classics, namely Toy Story, Coco, and Cars are set to make their debut in special collectible Steelbook editions. This marks the first time these iconic films will be available in this stunning format, offering fans the ultimate collectible package.

D100 Pixar Steel Books

The Steelbook editions of Toy Story, Coco, and Cars are designed to captivate fans and collectors alike. These ultimate collectibles include the re-mastered films on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray Disc, and digital code, ensuring that viewers can enjoy their favorite Pixar movies in the highest quality across various platforms.

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What makes Steelbooks so special is their unique design and presentation. These solid metal cases feature beautiful movie artwork that showcases the essence and magic of each film. The artwork on the Steelbooks captures the heart and soul of Toy Story, Coco, and Cars making them a true collector’s item and a visual delight for fans.

Disney 100 Pixar SteelBook

Toy Story Synopsis

Set in a world where toys have a life of their own when people are not present, Toy Story takes moviegoers on a fantastic fun-filled journey, viewed mostly through the eyes of two rival toys – Woody (Tom Hanks), a pull-string talking cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a superhero space action-figure. The comically-mismatched duo eventually learn to put aside their differences when circumstances separate them from their owner, Andy, and they find themselves on a hilarious adventure-filled mission where the only way they can survive is to form an uneasy alliance.

Coco Synopsis

In Disney•Pixar’s vibrant tale of family, fun and adventure, an aspiring young musician named Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) embarks on an extraordinary journey to the magical land of his ancestors. There, the charming trickster Héctor (voice of Gael García Bernal) becomes an unexpected friend who helps Miguel uncover the mysteries behind his family’s stories and traditions.  

Disney 100 Pixar SteelBook

Cars Synopsis

Pixar Animation Studios presents a high-octane adventure comedy that shows life is about the journey, not the finish line—now turbocharged in 4K Ultra HD! Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen is living life in the fast lane until he hits a detour on his way to the most important race of his life. Stranded in Radiator Springs, he meets Sally, Mater and Doc Hudson, who help him learn there’s more to life than trophies and fame.

Owning a Steelbook edition is not only a way to relive the cherished memories and stories of these Pixar classics but also a way to proudly display them as treasured pieces of cinematic history. The sturdy and eye-catching nature of the Steelbooks ensures that they will stand out on any shelf or display, becoming a centerpiece for any Pixar fan’s collection.

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With the release of these special Steelbook editions, Pixar enthusiasts have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical worlds of their favorite films like never before. From the groundbreaking adventure of toys coming to life in Toy Story to the heartwarming celebration of family and music in Coco, and the high-octane racing excitement of Cars, these films have touched the hearts of audiences worldwide.

As Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary, the release of these Pixar favorites in Steelbook editions adds to the excitement and nostalgia surrounding the milestone event. Pixar has brought us unforgettable characters, timeless stories, and groundbreaking animation, and now fans can commemorate these achievements with these beautifully crafted collectibles.

Don’t miss your chance to own and display these treasured titles in their ultimate Steelbook editions. Whether you’re a long-time Pixar fan or looking to start your collection, the Steelbooks of Toy Story, Coco, and Cars are a must-have for any Disney enthusiast. Get ready to experience the magic once again as these beloved films come to life in stunning 4K Ultra HD. These limited edition Steelbooks are only available at Best Buy.

Disney 100

What do you think about the new Pixar D100 Steelbooks? Do you want them to add other movies with this design? Are you a little irked they didn’t do all of the Toy Story and Car films so they would be a matching set? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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