Lockwood & Co.: Why the British Netflix Series Deserves a Second Season

Lockwood & Co. is the latest British Supernatural detective thriller on Netflix. Find out why this amazing series should be given a 2nd Season.
Lockwood & Co

Lockwood & Co. is the latest Netflix series that premiered this year adapting the supernatural thriller book series. The first season aired on the streaming platform but despite a great following, the second season wasn’t greenlit.

The British Supernatural detective thriller featured a great mix of action, drama, and potential as the story follows Lucy Carlyle, George Karim, and Anthony Lockwood as they uncover diabolical secrets and fight against paranormal threats. Although reportedly canceled, many fans are rallying against the call, and here are the reasons why this incredible series should be renewed. 

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Lockwood & Co. is currently comprised of 8 episodes for the first season produced by Complete Fiction and premiered via Netflix on January 27, 2023. The series was based on the book series created by Jonathan Stroud, with the first chunk of the story following the plots of the first two books, The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull.

The story is set in an alternative version of present-day Britain that is plagued by ghosts that can kill anyone they touch. Known as The Problem, mystery surrounds the cause of the nightmare, and the only hope is the abilities that only children and teenagers possess to see and fight them.  


The series stars Ruby Stokes as a highly talented “listener,” Lucy Carlyle, who travels to London to escape her hometown after becoming the scapegoat of a tragedy. Society now relies on children to fight ghosts as agents in a twisted world, with the night being the most dangerous time to be outside.

Desperate to find a new job and shelter, Lucy applies as an agent for a tiny outfit run by Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman). Working with the inquisitive George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), they discover dark secrets relating to the history of the business as they strive to make a name for themselves and fight against horrors at every turn. 

The Mystery Draws You In

Lockwood & Co. - The Team
Courtesy of Netflix.

The fundamental feature of Lockwood & Co. is the mystery filling every corner of the story as viewers witness the trio entangled in a barbaric modern adventure that has warped history for 50 years. There are many brilliant details to the blight that affects the city as children are classified with three types of talents, which are listening, sight, and touch.

The abilities of these gifts vary but each has its use that helps a team defeat or destroy a ghost. The average ghost is linked to a Source, which could be their remains or even a special object, but a lot of discovery remains. 

Lockwood & Co.
Courtesy of Netflix.

The more questions that are answered in each episode, the more that are drawn out, and it drives you mad with excitement as the story unravels. The whole cause of “The Problem” is the core question that drives the series. It’s nail-biting to watch the team resolve the horrific situations they find themselves in.

So much was revealed in the first season that beautifully closes the first chapter, but it also teases so much more as the whole origin remains in the shadows. From the character’s background to the future of the discovered cause, there is a lot more than the series can offer. 

The Cast Captivates Viewers 

Lockwood & Co. - The Team
Courtesy of Netflix.

The team is an instant favorite as the entire cast delivers heartfelt moments and antagonizing immersion, with Stokes, Chapman, and Hadji-Heshmati in the center of a storm. Stokes leads the charge into the ghost-filled world as she introduces viewers to the warmth the show can deliver despite how bleak everyone’s future may appear.

Lucy often acts as the grounding center of the team and grants the feeling of terror when facing an assortment of foes. Chapman demonstrates a brilliant mix of charm, chivalry, and recklessness as Lockwood leads the charge to become a renowned agency. He also has an authoritative appeal despite having to submit to a ruling from Inspector Montagu Barnes. 

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Hadji-Heshmati’s portrayal of George provides a lot of hilarious moments as fails to hold back direct comments. It’s impossible not to fall in love with his attitude as witnessed in his first scene, while also causing friction within the team.

The reoccurring cast further deepens the tension throughout the series as they act like perfect barriers to overcome, including Ivanno Jeremiah as the Inspector and the top Fittes agents comprised of cast members Jack Bandeira, Rhianna Dorris, Paddy Holland, and Rico Vina. They each provide an opposition to the trio but become harder to hate as the story exposes a softer side.  

A Terrific Mix of Action and Drama Within London 

Lockwood & Co - Lucy and George
Courtesy of Netflix

The tense combat featuring a rapier, chains, and various explosives against ghosts kept an interesting dynamic throughout the series as one wrong move could kill any character. The sources featured in episodes kept providing twists and turns as danger presented itself in a range of situations, keeping the audience engaged as events transpired. The fights never felt one-sided but provided enough tension into the mix as characters interacted, especially aiding the heat between Lockwood and Carlyle.  

Although drama was focused on the trio, each character introduced to the first series added to the flames. Whether it be Flo Bones (Hayley Konadu) adding some supporting charm or Julius Winkman (Ben Crompton) applying a heightened sense of danger, each episode elevates the interactions that take place. The locations also share a similar feature as the level of threat is felt in the atmosphere placed in each scene, including the use of darkness to make any location feel unsettling or insecure.  

The Story with an Evil Cliffhanger 

Lockwood & Co. - Skull
Courtesy of Netflix.

Joe Cornish has delivered a paranormal phenomenon worth watching as the writer-producer keeps thrilling suspense in each episode that makes the entire series a binge-watch classic. Michael Clarke as Skull was a brilliant catalyst to pushing the story further as the team discovers horrors linked to the shadows hidden from the public eye. The series does an excellent job of continuously adding waves to the water as one situation leads to another as a ride that doesn’t know the meaning of pause. As the finale adds a little settling moment to the continuous ride, it does a fantastic job of teasing the start of a new ride that’s hard to wait for. 

Overwhelming Support From Fans 

Lockwood & Co. Fittest Team
Courtesy of Netflix.

As expected from such an incredible series, many fans are calling for another season to be released. Despite the 97% approval rating and being featured in Netflix’s top 10s for 3 weeks, the follow-up wasn’t greenlit as the viewing numbers reportedly didn’t meet the required threshold. Fans are still discovering the series long after its debut at the start of the year and now a petition has been started to request for the continuation. It is this hype that continues to trend as there is a tremendous amount of potential for another series and the finale ended in a perfect place for a bigger world to open the next thrilling chapter. 

Lockwood & Co. Season 1 is available on Netflix consisting of 8 episodes and has currently been canceled by Netflix. The series has also been nominated for Best TV Drama Series 2023 at Nation Film Awards. To share your enthusiasm for the British Supernatural detective thriller series, use hashtags #LockwoodandCo and #SaveLockwoodandCo on social media. 

About Lockwood & Co.

Lockwood & Co. key artwork

RELEASE DATE: Exclusively On Netflix on January 27, 2023
DIRECTOR: Joe Cornish
WRITER: Joe Cornish
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Joe Cornish, Nira Park, Rachel Prior
PRODUCERS: James Biddle
BASED ON: The Bookseries ‘Lockwood & Co.’ by Jonathan Stroud. 
CAST: Ruby Stokes, Cameron Champan, Ali Hadji-Heshmati, Ivanno Jeremiah, Jack Bandeira, Morven Christie, Rhianna Dorris, and Paddy Holland

In a world plagued by ghosts, where giant corporations employ psychic teens to battle the supernatural, only one company operates without adult supervision, and its name is Lockwood & Co. Run by Anthony Lockwood, a rebellious young entrepreneur haunted by his mysterious past, his brilliant but eccentric sidekick George and a newly arrived, supremely gifted girl called Lucy, this renegade trio are about to unravel a terrifying mystery that will change the course of history.

What do you think of Lockwood & Co.? Are you a fan of the book series? Do you think Netflix canceled the second season too soon? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more. 

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