‘Disney Villainous’ Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Magic with New Disney100 Edition

Get ready to embrace your wicked side with Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition), a limited-edition game that celebrates 100 years of Disney magic and offers streamlined gameplay for newcomers to enjoy.
Disney Villainous Disney100 Edition

Get ready to embrace your wicked side as Ravensburger unveils the limited-edition Disney100 Disney Villainous game, a dazzling addition to their acclaimed franchise. This special version focuses on four iconic characters and offers a streamlined gameplay experience tailored for newcomers.

“We are celebrating 100 years of Disney animation with a commemorative edition of Disney Villainous that honors existing fans of the game while also welcoming Disney fans and others who haven’t yet had the chance to try Disney Villainous and may be less familiar with more strategy-based games to the table. Based on fan feedback, we were able to incorporate small tweaks to the game and strike the perfect balance for this limited-edition entry into the award-winning franchise.” 

-Florian Baldenhofer, International Category Director – Games for Ravensburger-

A Captivating Celebration of Disney Villains

Disney Villainous Disney100 Edition

In Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition), players take on the role of a popular Disney Villain and work to achieve their own devious objectives. Players uncover unique abilities while trying to thwart their opponents through scheming and Villain-specific strategy. Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) also introduces QR codes to the game’s rulebook, allowing players the option to learn the game through how-to-play videos and individual Villain guides. The new version also includes a new box design featuring Ursula, lustrous movers and platinum rainbow-foil packaging as well as a Disney100 sticker.  

-Official Game Summary via Ravensburger-

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In honor of 100 years of Disney enchantment, Ravensburger presents Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition), an exquisite commemorative game that invites players to delve into the world of notorious villains. Featuring the captivating Maleficent, cunning Captain Hook, formidable Ursula, and conniving Prince John, this limited-edition version combines the allure of these iconic characters with gameplay designed to cater to first-time players.

The new pieces look to have an alluring new sheen emblematic of the D100 celebration and give collectors a dazzling new set to add to their collection.

Unleash Your Inner Villain with Streamlined Gameplay

Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) offers an engaging and accessible experience that introduces newcomers to the devious world of Disney Villainous. As players assume the roles of popular Disney Villains, they must cunningly pursue their own wicked objectives. Uncover unique abilities, strategize against opponents, and revel in the thrill of scheming your way to victory.

To ensure an effortless introduction to the game, Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) features QR codes in the rulebook. Players can access how-to-play videos and individual Villain guides, providing step-by-step guidance and valuable insights. The game’s enchanting new box design, adorned with Ursula, showcases lustrous movers and platinum rainbow-foil packaging, accompanied by an exclusive Disney100 sticker.

The Villainous system is fairly simple, but the strategy that goes into it is immense. Having only a few basic moves a turn, it is curious to see how much more streamlined the game can be.

Embrace the Villainous Adventure

Disney Villainous Disney100 Edition

Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) is designed for 1-4 players aged 10 and up, offering an immersive experience with an average playtime of 20 minutes per player. Priced at $34.99 MSRP, this limited-edition game is fully compatible with all other Disney Villainous titles, allowing players to expand their wicked adventures even further.

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Don’t miss your chance to partake in this celebratory journey through Disney’s most captivating villains. Pre-order Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) exclusively at Target and prepare to immerse yourself in a world where being bad has never felt so good.


Are you going to get the Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition)? Which villain do you want to play as first? Have you played any of the Villainous games? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

Source: Ravensburger

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