BRIKWARS Pre-Orders Are Now Available for the Joyous Build-Their-Own-Wargame

Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on epic tabletop battles with the final version of BRIKWARS—pre-orders now available!

Modiphius Entertainment has just announced that pre-orders are now open for the final and definitive version of the beloved wargame, BRIKWARS, created by Mike Rayhawk. It’s time to dust off those old bricks, gather your creative spirit, and prepare for an epic battle on the tabletop.

The BrikVerse, the universe in which BRIKWARS takes place, is in grave danger. Creativity is slowly being stifled by the suffocating norms of standard brick building, instructions, and common sense. But fear not, for the brightest and most reckless Heroes are rising to restore the balance and bring chaos back to the forefront.

The BRIKWARS Rule Book


Now is your chance to dive into the depths of your pile of random bricks and parts, as you create an army of unique soldiers and their weapons. The beauty of BRIKWARS lies in the freedom it offers; what your mishmash of bricks becomes is entirely up to you. Want valiant knights riding motorbikes armed with hand grenades? Go for it. How about hordes of minifigs being ferried by dragons? Absolutely. Tri-colored death machines with pirate cannons for arms loaded with nuclear warheads? Why not? In the midst of the BRIKWARS, the question is not “why,” but rather “why not?”

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The upcoming BRIKWARS rulebook promises an extensive array of features to enhance your tabletop battles. Prepare for an arsenal of custom weapons, ranging from explosive devices to monstrous war machines and double-bladed green flaming swords. The possibilities for devastation are endless.

Additionally, the rulebook includes a multitude of specialist characters, ensuring that you have the perfect individuals to fulfill various roles within your army. Whether you need a cunning strategist or a skilled marksman, BRIKWARS has you covered.

The BRIKWARS rulebook will contain:

  • An arsenal of custom weapons of all varieties to make every battle a symphony of world-ending explosives, monstrous machines of all varieties, and double-bladed green flaming swords. Just because.
  • A barrack full of specialists suited to any and all roles you need to flesh out your army
  • The MOC Combat system: a deeply robust environment that has been designed to handle the wildest corners of your imagination
  • A series of narrative campaigns known as Heroic Escapades, each one satiating the massive egos of your army’s greatest Heroes
  • The standard set of rules for getting your battles going. Related: a guide on how to break all of the rules.       

One of the most exciting aspects of BRIKWARS is the MOC (My Own Creation) Combat system. This highly adaptable and imaginative environment allows you to push the boundaries of creativity and bring your wildest ideas to life on the tabletop. Immerse yourself in epic battles that reflect the depths of your imagination.

For those craving a narrative experience, BRIKWARS offers a series of Heroic Escapades campaigns. Dive into these engaging storylines and satiate the massive egos of your army’s greatest Heroes. Immerse yourself in a world where your strategic prowess and tactical decisions shape the outcome of each campaign.

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Of course, BRIKWARS wouldn’t be complete without a guide to the standard rules for starting your battles. But that’s not all—this rulebook also includes a guide on how to break those very rules. Embrace the chaos, bend the boundaries, and create your own unique playstyle within the BRIKWARS universe.

Excitement is in the air as BRIKWARS is now available for pre-order through the Modiphius webstore. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this epic tabletop adventure and unleash your creative potential. Gather your friends, clear your tabletop, and prepare for the ultimate battle where imagination knows no limits. The BRIKWARS await!

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Will you be gathering your party to play BRIKWARS? Would you use a pre-made minifig or would you build your own? How about locations? Or vehicles? Or mounts? Are you pre-overwhelmed by how much this might get you to spend on LEGOs? Let us know your thoughts and share your game night setups with us on social media.

Source: Modiphius Entertainment

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