Paramount+ Allures Audiences with “Love in Taipei’ Official Trailer and Key Art

Get ready for a summer of romance and self-discovery with the newly released trailer for 'Love in Taipei'
Love in Taipei

Love in Taipei, based on the New York Times best-selling novel Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, is gearing up to captivate audiences with a journey of self-discovery and romance in the heart of Taipei. The film is set to premiere on August 10, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Canada, August 11 in the UK and Australia, and August 25 in Latin America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France.

An Unexpected Summer Adventure

Ashley Liao stars as Ever Wong, a young American woman whose summer takes an unexpected turn when her parents surprise her with a trip to Taipei for a cultural immersion program. Far from the history lessons Ever was expecting, the program, known as “Loveboat”, turns out to be a summer-long free-for-all filled with romance and self-discovery. Ever finds herself torn between two attractive but wildly different boys, all while trying to defy her parents’ high expectations and pursue her true passion: dancing.

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The film also boasts a talented supporting cast. Ross Butler stars as Rick Woo, a prominent sports and scholastic prodigy; Nico Hiraga plays Xavier Yeh, a free-spirited artist and heir to an international tech empire; Chelsea Zhang portrays Ever’s friend Sophie, whom she meets at Loveboat; and Cindy Cheung appears as Ever’s Aunt Shu.

Behind the Scenes of Love in Taipei

The film is directed by Arvin Chen and produced by Matt Kaplan for Ace Entertainment. The screenplay is penned by Charlie Oh and Mackenzie Dohr, based on the best-selling book by Abigail Hing Wen. The film was shot on location in Taipei, adding authenticity to the cultural immersion experience portrayed in the film.

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Love in Taipei is a testament to the transformative power of love and the courage it takes to follow one’s heart. It’s a story of self-discovery, passion, and the unforgettable experiences that shape us. Whether you’re a fan of the original novel or new to the story, Love in Taipei promises to be a captivating journey that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As we anticipate the release of Love in Taipei, the excitement is palpable. With its talented cast, beautiful on-location filming in Taipei, and a story that resonates with young adults, the film is set to be a hit. The journey that awaits Ever Wong and the lessons she will learn about love, life, and herself are sure to resonate with audiences.

Stay tuned for the premiere of Love in Taipei on August 10, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+!

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About Love in Taipei

Love in Taipei
Key art for Love in Taipei, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Credit: Paramount+

Release Date: August 10, 2023, Exclusively on Paramount+
Based On: Loveboat, Taipei By Abigail Hing Wen
Director: Arvin Chen
Screenplay: Charlie Oh, Mackenzie Dohr
Executive Producers: Abigail Hing Wen, Christopher Foss, Matthew Janzen, Max Siemers, Aubrey Bendix, Cheng-Chung Chang, Ross Butler
Producers: Matt Kaplan for Ace Entertainment
Production: ACE Entertainment, 1 Productions Film
Distribution: Lionsgate, Paramount
Cast: Ashley Liao, Ross Butler, Rick Woo, Nico Hiraga, Xavier Yeh, Chelsea Zhang, Cindy Cheung

Based on the best-selling book “Loveboat, Taipei” by Abigail Hing Wen, LOVE IN TAIPEI tells the story of the young American Ever Wong, whose summer takes an unexpected turn when her parents surprise her with a trip to Taipei for a cultural immersion program. Ever is surprised to discover that she hasn’t signed up for homework and history lessons, but instead for a summer-long free-for-all the locals and other students call “Loveboat.”

And it quickly lives up to its name when Ever finds herself trying not to fall for two attractive but wildly different boys who are vying for her attention, while at the same time finding the courage to defy her parents’ high expectations and pursue her true passion: dancing. 

What are your thoughts about Love in Taipei? Are you excited to see Ever Wong’s journey unfold on the big screen? Who are you most excited to see in the cast? Share your thoughts and anticipation on social media!

Source: Paramount+

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