‘RZR’ – Gala Film’s New Dystopian Drama is Set to Redefine Sci-Fi Genre

Gala Film's "RZR", a dystopian drama set in an alternative Los Angeles, is set to redefine the sci-fi genre with its unique blend of neural implants, hacker culture, and black market crime

In an exciting reveal at the San Diego Comic-Con, Gala Film introduced the world to its latest project, RZR. This dystopian drama, set in an alternative Los Angeles, is steeped in neural implants, hacker culture, and black market crime, promising a unique blend of science fiction and cyberpunk aesthetics. RZR was created by David Bianchi.

RZR Official Trailer

The series is the brainchild of creator, executive producer, and co-writer David Bianchi, known for his work on Queen of The South. Bianchi, who also plays the title role of Grimm, is joined by a stellar cast that includes Mena Suvari, Emilio Rivera, Christopher Marquette, Richard Cabral, Mimi Davila, and Danny Trejo.

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RZR raises thought-provoking questions about the power of artificial intelligence and whether mankind can harness it for good or if it will simply lead to our own destruction. The series, which spans eight episodes, complements Gala Film’s other upcoming project, Ghosts of Ruin, starring Rosario Dawson.

The teaser for RZR provides a glimpse into the gritty yet slick cinematography that defines the series. It introduces viewers to Grimm’s world, a labyrinthine lair filled with cyberpunk-style characters and advanced technology. The narrative revolves around Grimm’s neural implant device, touted as the “next evolution of mankind” that will “change everything”.

The series was produced entirely in Los Angeles, with Noelle Hubbell (Don’t Worry Darling) producing the project alongside Bianchi. The episodes are directed by two-time Emmy-winner Yuri Alves, Christopher Folkens, and Daniel J. Pico, who also co-wrote RZR.

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Sarah Buxton, Gala Film’s COO, expressed the company’s pride in producing the project with Bianchi, stating that it aligns with their mission to empower artists in the entertainment industry by giving them creative control.

“Gala Film is proud to produce this project with David, continuing our mission to empower artists in the entertainment industry by giving them creative control,” explained Gala COO Sarah Buxton. “With this marking Gala Film’s debut project, we’re breaking new ground in how entertainment is presented to audiences around the globe.”

-Sarah Buxton, Gala Film’s COO-

RZR marks Gala Film’s debut project, setting a new standard in how entertainment is presented to global audiences. Gala Film also held a Hall H panel on their other series Ghosts of Ruin, which further cements their dedication to revolutionize entertainment in the modern day with innovative stories and ways to interact with fans.

RZR is set to release exclusively on Gala Film in the Fall of 2023. With its compelling narrative and unique take on the sci-fi genre, RZR is poised to be a game-changer in the world of entertainment. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new series.

About RZR


Release: Fall 2023, exclusively on Gala Film
Creator: David Bianchi
Writers: David Bianchi, Daniel J. Pico
Executive Producers: David Bianchi, Sarah Buxton
Producers: Noelle Hubbell, Daniel J. Pico
Cast: David Bianchi, Richard Cabral, Mena Subari, Mimi Davila, Emilio Rivera, Jose Rosete, Luke Lowrey, Aleksei Archer, Mles Perez, Alanna Darby, Danny Trejo

RZR is a mind-hacking sci-thriller that takes you into the world of neural implants, hacker culture, cryptocurrency, and the underbelly of black-market crime.

What are your thoughts on Gala Film’s upcoming RZR series? How do you think the blend of science fiction and cyberpunk aesthetics will play out in the series? Which character are you most excited to see in action? Share your thoughts, expectations, and predictions with us on social media!

Source: Gala Film

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