Discotek Digimon the Movie Collection Remasters Iconic Stories with Nostalgic Cast

Discotek Media will release the Digimon the Movie Collection fully remastered for Blu-ray.
Digimon movie remaster

Discotek revealed Digimon the Movie Collection remastered from the original Digimon Adventure series. This includes the first two movies and the third movie including the 2002 cast, as the original voice actors return to portray their iconic characters for the English dub. The announcement was shared on social media regarding the upcoming release, which has shaped the childhood of Digimon fans around the world. The movie will also include never-before-seen scenes that were originally cut from the English Dub original. You can check out Discotek’s announcement on the news below:

Digimon Movie Collection Remaster 1st Adventure Movies

The original animated movie was released in 2000, which featured three movies from Japan in one movie. These included three stories that were cut and merged for one big movie featuring the first and second-season characters from Digimon Adventure.

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The movie also featured an iconic evil Digital Monster still remembered today as the Keramon line including one of the strongest dark monsters, Diaboromon. Although a reboot was released in 2020, movies have continued the original story from the first two series, with Digimon Adventures 02: The Beginning as the next release for the story. 

Reveal Trailer for Digimon the Movies Collection 1 from Discotek Media.

Discotek has revealed the upcoming release of the original Digimon movies remastered in HD as the original English Dub. The new movies are also uncut, meaning fans will finally get the full story that the English dub has never shown before.

This includes the three movies that include Tai and Kari’s first encounter, the fight against Diaboromon, and Diaboromon’s return with the 02 Digidestined. Many iconic voices from the original dub are also included such as Joshua Seth as Tai, Mona Marshall as Izzy, Wendee Lee as young TK, Michael Reisz as Matt, and Brian Donovan as Davis.  

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Many other iconic voice actors will also be returning along with new cast members that will join for characters that can no longer be played by the original cast. This includes the original voice actors for Mimi and Joe as the original cast members are no longer with us, such as the late Philece Sampler who sadly passed away in 2021, and Michael Lindsay who passed in 2019.

Although missed dearly, we are blessed with Elsie Lovelock and Eli Farmer taking on their roles, who will also work toward giving the voice and aesthetic from the original. 

There are some differences to the original movie from 2000, which include the new dub using music from the Japanese version. The original Movie is included in the collection, so fans can still enjoy the nostalgic version if they wished to watch it. The shorts previously seen have also been cut, such as the Angela Anaconda crossover. It is insane to think that 40 minutes were cut out of the original movies, just so that they could be released in one package. It is so amazing to finally get the full run of all 3 movies as the English Dub, with the amazing voices we know and love. 

Digimon the Movies Collection 1 will include Digimon Adventure (the movie), Our War Game!, Hurricane Touchdown, and the original Digimon the Movie. The release date and distribution outside the US has yet to be revealed but the movie will include the new dubs, the original, and the Japanese dub with subtitles. 

What do you think of Digimon the Movies Collection 1? Are you excited to watch the remaster with uncut footage? What other Digimon releases are you excited about this year? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more anime news. 

SOURCE: Discotek Media 

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