Digimon For Beginners: Best content for new fans In 2023

If you are new to Digimon, here are the latest and greatest releases you should check out.

There has been a lot of fantastic Digimon content that new fans should check out, providing a greater introduction to the iconic Digital Monster franchise. From Anime to a new web novel, many fantastic releases will entertain fans that love the Digivolving monsters that vary in size and strength. As the franchise can seem swamped with choices for a starting point, we have compiled the latest and greatest releases that will allow fans to start right and begin their Digital Adventure as the range of content grows. 

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Most fans have been hooked on the original Adventure anime that started in the 90s. However, there have been much different anime series that followed which fans remember from their childhood, such as Tamers, Data Squad (Savers), and the range of toys and video games. The Digimon franchise made its resurgence with fans demanding the release of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth in the West, leading to more releases such as the Digimon Tri movie series, with more content now available for old and new fans.  

Get Into Digimon This Year 

Digimon Adventures

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This list of content is perfect for new fans and returning fans that haven’t dived back into the Digital World for a while. This is only a sample of the latest content. While it would be obvious to recommend the past anime releases, there are so many new additions to the franchise that will keep you wanting more as you indulge in every piece. Here are the latest releases for anime, gaming, and new content released this year. 

Start An Anime Series 

Digimon Adventure (2020) 

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Adventure(2020) is the rebooted series following the adventures of Tai and his friends as they are transported to the Digital World. The series is a completely fresh take on the adventure, with the series featuring a whole new story and features fantastic story arcs. Surprises await fans old and new as the story progresses with unexpected twists and Digivolutions that grant an unforgettable action adventure for viewers to dive into. This anime series has also recently released an English Dub that is available via Microsoft Store, with the Japanese dub with English subtitles released on Crunchyroll

Digimon Ghost Game 

The latest series that first featured the Vital Bracelet as a Digivice and three new Digital Monsters. The anime combines mystery and horror with digital action as Hiro and Gammamon, and their friends, investigate hologram ghosts in a city that uses hologram technology everywhere. The episodic adventure appears to feature a new episodic story, but the conclusion wraps up the events by revealing the cause of Digimon entering the Human world. Worth watching for something new and action-packed, with brilliant humor and crazy phenomenon. The full series is now available to watch as a Japanese dub with English subtitles via Crunchyroll

Best Games for New Fans 

Digimon World Next Order 

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This latest port allows fans to experience their own adventure, with many platforms blessed with the Digimon RPG game. Digimon World: Next Order is the standalone RPG that references the original Digimon World game released in the 90s but the new game mode takes away the overwhelming challenge. The Beginner Mode feature allows all fans to enjoy the release and the story featured in this visually stunning adventure that Digimon saw in Digimon Adventures to Digimon Xros Wars (Fusion). This fantastic Digimon experience is available on PC (Via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation Store.  

Digimon Card Game 

The Digimon Card Game is the latest Trading Card Game from the franchise and has been one of the most successful releases in the category. The gameplay has been significantly more popular than its predecessors and has featured in tournaments worldwide. The gameplay includes fighting with the Digital Monsters to wipe out the opposing player’s security cards to attach directly. From Digivolving into strong Digital Monsters with inherited effects to using card effects to gain the advantage, there is a mix of cards and themed colors to suit any play style, with more boosters added every few months.  

Latest Releases To Enjoy 

Digimon Seekers Novel Series 

The latest release features the latest Vital Bracelet and a brand-new mascot headlining the new story. The Web-novel series follows 19-year-old, Eiji Nagazumi as he attempts to earn money through dangerous work related to the Digital World. His partner, Loogamon is a new Digital Monster that joins as one of the Prototype monsters that previously only included Dorumon and Ryudamon. Check out this new digital story as it unfolds via  

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning Movie (Coming Soon) 

Digimon Adventures 02

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Following the success of the movie lines that include the Tri-series, Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning follows the 2nd series Digidestined after the events of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Now following Davis, Yolei, Cody, TK, Kari, and Ken, the Digital adventures in the real world continue as the first Digidestined reveals himself and starts the beginning of a new mystery to unravel. The highly anticipated release continues the timeline linking the original anime series and the latest movies, with even more adventures ahead for fans to enjoy. 

The range of releases will transport anyone into the Digital World, making them instant fans who can join others in the fandom. Whether you prefer watching the latest anime or interacting with the monsters for digital battles, there is always content to get you started in the franchise.

The amount of content that fans can enjoy has slowly built up in recent years and it will be exciting to find out what the future holds for all fans that love Digimon. Announcements are expected during the Digi Fes event happening this year, which was revealed alongside the Digimon Adventures 02: The Beginning release date announcement. 


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Digi Fes 2023 has been revealed as an upcoming event on July 30th, meaning more reveals are likely to follow to add to the library of releases. The annual summer festival “Digifest” will be held in Japan at the Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball. Details such as ticket information and performers have not yet been released. 

Digimon Adventures 02: The Beginning will premiere in Japan on October 27, 2023, and will be released in theatres. The release date for other countries and the English dub of the movie has yet to be revealed, but more announcements are expected to follow closer to the initial release. 

Digimon Adventures 02

What is your favorite release from the Digimon franchise? Do you have a favorite Digital Monster? Will you be checking out one of these releases for the first time? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more content like this, we’re always watching. 




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