Ravensburger’s ‘Horrified: Greek Monsters’ Brings New Mechanics to the Frightening Tabletop Franchise

Ravensburger's 'Horrified: Greek Monsters' takes players on a mythological adventure, introducing the unique Lair mechanic to the franchise
Ravensburger Horrified: Greek Monsters

Ravensburger, the renowned game publisher, is taking players on a thrilling journey to ancient Greece with its latest addition to the Horrified game franchise, Horrified: Greek Monsters. This new game introduces a unique Lair mechanic, allowing players to explore the hidden hideouts of Greece’s most infamous monsters. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting release.

Unleashing Greek Legends

Ravensburger Horrified: Greek Monsters

Pandora’s Box has unleashed chaos, and Greece’s most notorious monsters have escaped. In Horrified: Greek Monsters,” players respond to a call from the Gods to locate and defeat these mythical creatures. The game introduces a new mechanic known as Lairs, the hidden hideouts of the freed monsters, including Medusa, Cerberus, Chimera, and Minotaur.

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Mike Mulvihill, Game Development Manager at Ravensburger North America, expressed excitement about the new addition. Claiming that the new mechanic is a bold and vibrant art direction for the franchise.

“After tackling our favorite cryptids in Horrified: American Monsters, we wanted to gamify some of the most iconic monsters in the world, so of course we found inspiration in Greek myths. Horrified: Greek Monsters is filled with surprises for first-time and long-time Horrified players from bold and vibrant art direction to the new Lairs mechanic.” 

Mike Mulvihill, Game Development Manager at Ravensburger North America

Exploring the Lairs

Ravensburger Horrified: Greek Monsters

The third entry in Ravensburger’s popular franchise follows the success of the Universal Monsters (2019) and American Monsters (2021) versions of the game. Players must strategize to overcome the unique challenges presented by the escaped monsters, stepping in as avatars of the Gods.

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To defeat certain monsters, players must first uncover their Lairs, hidden in locations like the Statue Garden, Underworld Door, Chimera’s Cave, and Labyrinth. Uncovering the Lairs comes with a cost; players must discard three color items before the Lair token can be flipped over to reveal the Monster’s hideout. This exciting new mechanic adds tons of new gameplay options and approaches to the beloved game.

Horrified Availability and Gameplay

With its vibrant art direction, engaging gameplay, and innovative Lair mechanic, Horrified: Greek Monsters promises to be a thrilling addition to the Horrified franchise. Whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or a long-time player of the Horrified series, this game offers a unique and exciting experience for avid and new players.

For those looking for the previous version, Universal Monsters (2019) and American Monsters (2021) are easily available online and at retailers. For those too impatient to wait until Halloween, there are plenty of ways to get into the haunts immediately. Who wouldn’t want to play a game where they are taking on the likes of Bigfoot, Dracula, and Frakenstein’s Monster?

But for the patient and already initiated, Horrified: Greek Monsters, will be available for pre-order on Amazon and Target on September 5 and will officially go on sale nationwide on October 1, 2023, just in time for Halloween. Suitable for one to five players ages 10 and up, the game has an MSRP of $34.99, with an average playtime of 60 minutes.

Ravensburger Logo

What are your thoughts on Horrified: Greek Monsters? Are you excited to explore the Lairs and take on the roles of the Gods? How do you think the new Lair mechanic will enhance the gameplay? Share your thoughts on social media and join the conversation!

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