Mattel Makes a Nostalgic 90s Dive and Revives “Street Sharks” for New 30th Anniversary Line

Mattel is diving back into the '90s with the revival of "Street Sharks," releasing a new retro toy line for the series' 30th anniversary
Street Sharks

Mattel is diving back into the world of Street Sharks with a splash. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic animated series that debuted in 1994, Mattel is set to release a new retro toy line aimed at nostalgic adult collectors. The made-for-order collectible figures will feature the half-shark, half-man crime-fighting Bolton brothers Ripster, Streex, Jab, and Big Slammu. These figures will be available in 2024 from Mattel Creations, just in time for the Street Sharks’ 30th anniversary.

Street Sharks to Make Fintastic Return

Street Sharks

The decision to bring back the Street Sharks was influenced by fans at San Diego Comic-Con, where Mattel Creations polled attendees on toys they’d like to see make a comeback. Street Sharks and Mighty Max led the votes, and Mattel’s VP of Global Marketing, PJ Lewis, emphasized the importance of managing nostalgia in collecting.

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“I think one of the things Mattel has done very well is manage the nostalgia aspect of [collecting], and Street Sharks and Mighty Max, I feel like it fits perfectly. Mattel has one of the richest IP libraries in pop culture, and I think the retro-nostalgic brands — be it Street Sharks, Mighty Max, and more — have opportunities of being reinvented. And at the same time, have opportunities for fans that grew up with them to relive some of those memories and storylines, and own a piece of that as an adult.”

-PJ Lewis, Mattel’s VP of Global Marketing

Modern Interpretation of the Street Sharks

Street Sharks

Lewis explained that the new Street Sharks figures would be delivered in an authentic manner, with a modern interpretation that doesn’t necessarily mean a new look. The enhancements could include improved articulation and deco (paint), providing a realistic interpretation of the beloved ’90s memory.

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In 2021, Mattel Creations had already unveiled a Street Sharks line of figures based on unused designs from the animated series, retailing for $75. The original toy line included various characters and accessories, famously packaging the Sharks and their villains in “cages.”

The revival of Street Sharks is a testament to Mattel’s rich IP library and the opportunities to reinvent retro-nostalgic brands. It allows fans who grew up with these characters to relive memories and own a piece of their childhood as adults.

“You have to make sure that the specific characters that we have are delivered in an authentic manner. As we like to say, there’s always a modern interpretation of a classic characte. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a new look. [It] could mean enhanced articulation, could mean an improved deco [paint], right? If you have one of these old figures, and you’re lucky enough to either have it in [the] package or [haven’t] touched it in a long time, great! If you’re not holding on to one of those, and want a realistic interpretation of this memory of yours in the nineties, we want to make that available to you in that instance.”

-PJ Lewis, Mattel’s VP of Global Marketing

The return of Street Sharks is a thrilling moment for fans of the ’90s series. With a focus on authenticity and modern enhancements, Mattel is ensuring that the new collectible figures resonate with both nostalgic collectors and new fans. Whether you owned the original toys or are discovering Street Sharks for the first time, this retro revival is sure to make waves.

Street Sharks

Are you excited about the return of Street Sharks? Which character are you most looking forward to collecting? How do you feel about Mattel’s approach to modernizing these classic characters while maintaining their original essence? Share your thoughts and memories of Street Sharks on social media, and let us know your opinions on this jawesome revival!

Source: Mattel

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