Street Fighter 6: A.K.I. Stithers Her Way Into Action This Month!

Capcom has unveiled A.K.I. as the newest playable character for Street Fighter 6.
Street Fighter VI - AKI screenshot -1

Get your antidote ready, because A.K.I. is coming to Street Fighter 6 on September 27! A.K.I. is the first newcomer of Year 1 DLC characters for Street Fighter 6. She is an apprentice to F.A.N.G., who debuted in Street Fighter V. Like her master, A.K.I. has mastery over poison and incorporates it into her martial arts. She dedicates her entire life to pleasing F.A.N.G., seeking out new targets for her toxic experiments.

Under her master’s orders, A.K.I. is tasked with investigating the remnants of Shadaloo, which long became defunct after the fall of its founder and leader, Master Bison. You can check out the newly released gameplay trailer for A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6 below:

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Street Fighter 6 Gains Another Killer Identity: A.K.I.

Capcom first revealed A.K.I. in a teaser on August 6, 2023. It nightmarishly established A.K.I. as a sadistic, maniacal assassin, not unlike F.A.N.G., and making Juri Han seem mild-mannered by comparison. A.K.I.’s appearance, mannerisms, and abilities all befit a horror villain, a fitting creation from the company that made both the Street Fighter and Resident Evil franchises.

Street Fighter 6 - AKI Screenshots - 2

The developers at Capcom designed A.K.I. as a pale disciple that combines the Poison Hand and the Fanged Snake Style martial arts for her fighting style. Her attire and slithering movements evoke the image of the black mamba, one of the deadliest and most feared serpents in the world.

A.K.I.’s distinct hairstyle resembles the Asian conical straw hat, particularly the kasa, which is a symbol of an assassin. When combined with her narrow frame and facial moles, her hair additionally brings to mind the east Asian brown death cap, a poisonous mushroom common in China, A.K.I.’s home country.

Before A.K.I.’s reveal, Capcom released a side story for Street Fighter V, Toxicity. Taking place after Bison’s defeat, it focuses on F.A.N.G. and how he became the sociopathic, poison-wielding assassin he is in the present day.

One night in China, he encountered a poor young woman who struggled to make ends meet via prostitution. Through a test of the woman’s character, F.A.N.G. noticed the woman’s strong resolve and granted her a new life and new name as an assassin known as “Phantom”. A.K.I.’s codename, as written in Chinese, contains the character for “phantom”, implying that she was the same character in the side story.

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A.K.I. Snakes Into Battle!

Capcom revealed A.K.I.’s gameplay on August 30, 2023. As with F.A.N.G., A.K.I. specializes in long-range combat and poisoning her opponent. Her poison gradually depletes the target’s health, but the effect ends when A.K.I. gets hit. Moves like Serpent Lash, Nightshade Pulse, Nightshade Chaser, Orchid Spring, and Cruel Fate allow her to control the flow of battle. Her Supers (Deadly Implication, Tainted Talons, Claws of Ya Zi) are sure to leave the opponent in sheer agony.

Players who purchased the Fighting Pass can play as A.K.I for an hour with a Rental Fighter ticket. Those who have the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition will unlock A.K.I. on September 27. She has an alternate that will also be available on release.

A.K.I. will be available in Street Fighter 6 on Sept. 27 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Sreies X/S, and Windows PC via Steam. She’ll be the 20th playable character following Rashid’s release in July. A.K.I. will also be featured across all three gameplay moves: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

Are you dying to play A.K.I.? How will she impact the story of Street Fighter 6? Who else do you hope to see in the game? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: Capcom

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