Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Familiar and New Details about Season 30’s Dark Ranger

As Power Rangers Cosmic Fury has revealed the Dark Ranger, here is everything we know about the Ranger before his Live Action debut.
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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury revealed the Dark Ranger will feature in the 30th Season, despite the Ranger originating from Power Rangers Dino Charge. As Power Rangers celebrates its 30th anniversary with the Dino Fury cast, the previously unused Ranger finally makes his live-action debut. Some fans may be unfamiliar with the Spino-themed Navy Ranger, so we have included a full breakdown of his history. Here are all the details you need to know about the Dark Ranger before he finally debuts.

Power Rangers Dino Charge consisted of 2 Seasons as the adaptation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger featured a total of 11 Rangers. 10 of the Rangers did appear in the series but one was left out of the live-action series. Deathryuger was the evil Ranger that first appeared in the Sentai’s movie Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music as the main antagonist. The Spinosaurus Ranger later returned as the powers were used by Diago’s son to become Kyoryu Navy in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 Years After.

Dark Ranger Emerges for Cosmic Fury

The Dark Ranger will make his live-action debut in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury but thanks to the Boom! Studio comics, the Ranger has already entered the Grid. Scenes of the Dark Ranger were revealed in the latest trailer as the 30th Season was added to Netflix for viewers to set a reminder of the upcoming release. The Ranger’s main weapon was also seen in the short clips seen in the trailer, as the Boomerang-based weapon was used for the Sentai counterpart.  

Heckyl Holds Dark Ranger Powers

Heckyl was expected to become the new Ranger for his redemption arc as he originally started as a villain, with Snide sharing his body. In Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, Heckyl started as a villain until split from Snide, and became the new Keeper of the Dark Energem. Played by Ryan Carter, the villain originally protected the Dark Energem on Sentai 6, until his home was destroyed by Lord Arcanon.

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After the finale of the series, the redeemed Heckyl returned to Sentai 6 with Zenowing as they time-traveled to before Lord Arcanon’s attack. In the Sentai, the Ranger was linked to the Spinosaurus, Zyudenryu Tobaspino, but the Zord was created by Shelby during Episode 18. The toys originally leaked a ‘Talon Ranger’, but the new addition was only featured in the comics due to movie rights complications.

Comics Debut Dark Ranger

The Dark Ranger first featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Beyond The Grid as part of the Aftermath of the Shattered Grid. With the suit of Deathryuger, the origins are revealed as Heckyl uses the Dark Energem to become the Dark Ranger, including the construction of his own Dino Morpher. Using Zenowing’s Morpher as a basis, he became the Dark Ranger to protect Sentai 6 from Lord Arcanon as he feared he would fail to stop the destruction of his planet. He manages to save Sentai 6 this time using his powers and destroys Lord Arcanon, but the Dark Energem begins trying to corrupt him into Snide once more.

Zenowing sacrificed himself to save Heckyl from becoming Snide again, which led to Heckyl answering Zordon’s call to stop Lord Drakkon. The aftermath of the event caused him to drift with other Rangers in another dimension. Along with the Ranger Slayer and the mixed Ranger team, he was able to access the power of the Solarix and became the Blue Solar Ranger. Once the team returned to their original timelines and dimensions, he longer had the powers of Blue Solar Ranger and hasn’t featured in any story since.

Two Ranger Forms Merged into One

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Jason Bischoff has recently confirmed that the Dark Ranger in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury combines two forms of his Sentai counterpart. This includes the blue-tinted helmet of Kyoryu Navy, with the base suit of Deathryuger that features red for the color scheme. Fans discovered the first confirmation of the Ranger in the trailer, which also revealed the design mix of both Ranger forms. An explanation has yet to be revealed but Jason has shared his interest in explaining the cause via the comics.

To this day, the live-action series has yet to address the events of the comics, including Shattered Grid and the Omega Ranger team. This could mark the first time the comic events have ever been addressed since the Dark Ranger debuts in the 30th Season. Ryan Carter has yet to be seen but Heckyl is the only known character to become the Dark Ranger. As Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always never referenced Zack’s time as an Omega Ranger, this could be the moment fans have been waiting for.

All 10 episodes of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be released worldwide on Netflix on September 29, 2023.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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Source: Netflix, Jason Bischoff


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