Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Behind-The-Scenes Photo Confirms New Zord

A new Power Rangers Cosmic Fury photo gives a behind-the-scenes confirmation of another Zord yet to be revealed. The latest reveal supports the full Zord Line-Up with Easter Egg evidence.
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

A new Power Rangers Cosmic Fury photo gives a behind-the-scenes confirmation of another Zord yet to be revealed.

Simon Bennett has been blessing fans with sneak peeks into the upcoming season that takes part during the 30th Anniversary Celebration. This also correlates with previous leaks and previews that fans have been treated to, including how many Zords will likely appear. With this new image, a greater idea of the Zord lineup has been unveiled for what fans can expect in upcoming episodes. 


Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be the last season with Simon Bennett, which was revealed on social media. Fans have been treated to many previews and reveals thanks to the Executive Producer and the cast. The new Cosmic Fury season will include original footage and scenes for this 30th Season of Power Rangers, except the Zords, which are adapted from Uchū Sentai Kyuranger. With only 10 episodes, fans have been wondering which Voyagers will debut as adapted Zords, with matching colors already hinting at which Rangers will pilot them. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Bear Zord Revealed & Support Line Up Theory 

Photo shared by Simon Bennet/@pookina

Simon Bennet recently revealed a behind-the-scenes photo of the Cosmic Fury Gold Ranger piloting a new Zord. The color and motif symbol confirm that the Gold Ranger will pilot the Bear Zord that is known in Kyuranger as the Koguman & Oguma Voyager. This twin Zord includes a big and small bear based on the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor Star constellations. This also indirectly confirms that the Zords may not be piloted based on Ranger color, while also confirming the full lineup.

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The full Cosmic Fury lineup is confirmed thanks to previous cast photos that were shared, showing hidden easter eggs in the background. The recent opening credits teasing the upcoming season only showed 9 of the 14 known Voyagers from the 41st Sentai series. This means that fans can expect to see 12 Zords debut in the 10-episode season, with the easter egg showing a Bear Symbol with the Dragon and Phoenix symbols in the set. The lineup may also exclude the large Orion Voyager as so many Zords may feature in the adaptation.

Photo shared by Simon Bennet/@pookina

It’s fantastic that fans will get to see so many Zords in just 10 episodes, with the new Orange Ranger also getting a Scorpion Zord for the Season. As previews of a purple Ranger have been seen, it would make sense if another Ranger were added for the Dragon Zord. This would also support the debut of the Sentai’s Ryu TeiOh, which is comprised of the Dragon, Bear, and Scorpion Voyagers. As we now know Aiyon and Fern have the 2 in the formation, so the 2nd Megazord is likely with the possible Purple Ranger.


In addition to this reveal, fans could also expect the 11 Zords to combine as the Sentai includes the combination for RyuTei KyurenOh. The piloting example could also suggest that the Rangers could pilot different Zord without being color-matched. This may also apply to the Pink Eagle Zord and the Zenith Ranger for the Gold and Silver Zords that are known as the Tenbin and Hebitsukai Voyagers. We may also see the giant combination with the Pheonix Zord if part of the lineup, which was known as Kyutamajin when the 3rd Robo combined with the others.


With so many possibilities, it will be exciting to see what direction was decided for the Zords in this Season. The concept means a lot of different combinations could be featured in the 30th Season, with many toys that could be released for the new deluxe Zord line. As there are only 10 episodes, it will be interesting to see what makes the cut, plus how many Megazord and Zord fights might be included with the original footage. Many additions have yet to be officially confirmed so the only way to find out is to keep following for more confirmations and announcements before the season finally airs.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be available via Netflix on September 29, 2023. The 10-episode series will be released worldwide on the streaming service, with more previews and reveals expected before it finally airs.

What do you think of the Bear Zord? Do you think the theory of the Zord Line-up has been confirmed by Aiyon’s new Zord? Which combinations do you think will be included? Let us know all of your Cosmic Fury thoughts and theories over on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.

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