Matt Hardy Praises Bryan Danielson’s Excellent Work In New Mentor Role

Matt Hardy thinks Bryan Danielson has done a great job taking on a leadership and mentor role backstage in AEW.
AEW Bryan Danielson

Matt Hardy praises the leadership abilities and role Bryan Danielson has taken behind the scenes in AEW in recent months during the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. The backstage environment in AEW has been a seeming mess for a while now. There appear to be a lot of egos and tempers raging by some of their top wrestlers, leading to near-fights, backstage brawls, confrontations, and probably a few backstage altercations we don’t know about.

The biggest and most well-known altercations both involve former AEW star CM Punk, the latest of which resulted in Punk’s firing from the company.  In the wake of Punk’s brawl at last year’s All Out, AEW has tried to address its internal issues. Also, Tony Khan has reportedly had a few team meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what won’t be tolerated.

AEW Matt Hardy, Ethan Page
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Khan isn’t the only one trying to address problems backstage.  A few wrestlers have also taken on a bigger role backstage and spoke to the roster about not letting these issues persist.  Some of those wrestlers are Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and Bryan Danielson.

Since Punk was fired after his latest fight with Jungle Boy Jack Perry, Danielson has taken on more responsibility backstage.  


Matt Hardy recently spoke on podcast, Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, and he discussed what a great job Danielson has done in his new role and responsibilities in AEW. Hardy stated the following on Danielson:

“Bryan Danielson’s great. I can’t say enough positive, good things about him. Since he’s come in he’s been the role model and the teacher that you want because he’s very understanding and if someone wants to work out he’s there to get with them, he will be there early to work with people.”

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One of the wrestlers Danielson has taken under his wing and mentored is the longest-reigning and inaugural TBS Champion, Jade Cargill. In February 2022, Khan asked Danielson and Cargill to start working together.  Khan later revealed later revealed how happy with how well they had worked together and praised Danielson’s knowledge.

Danielson has also started working closely with Khan in a more creative role and as a go-between Khan and the AEW talent. Hardy praised Danielson’s attitude towards wrestling and his ability to stay calm and level-headed.

AEW Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli
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Danielson is at the tail-end of his career and he knows it.  Those close to him have heard he is looking to move to a part-time schedule in the next year.  They also said he wants to have a “special attractions” schedule, similar to that of John Cena or Brock Lesnar in WWE.

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With Danielson’s retirement within sight, he has decided to take on a larger role backstage.  Both Hardy and Khan have praised his work behind the scenes.  It looks like a mentor role and a general backstage role suits him well.

AEW Bryan Danielson MJF
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However, Danielson hasn’t ended his in-ring career just yet and certainly hasn’t slowed down.  Recently he went to war with Ricky Starks.  Danielson revealed that he let Starks take the lead in the match.  This is just another example of him mentoring younger talent and letting them learn from him.

What do you think of Matt Hardy’s assessment of Danielson?  Are you surprised Danielson has taken on such a mentor role?  Do you think he is the right person for the role?  If not, who in AEW should take on that role?  Let us know if you would like to see Bryan Danielson as a “special attraction” wrestler for AEW.

SOURCE: Wrestling Inc., Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, Wrestling Inc., Wrestling Inc.

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