If you like Basketball, paintball, NERF, you would love NERFBALL.
Nerf Ball

Sports enthusiasts, athletes, and Nerf fans… Get ready for a new breed of thrill – Nerfball.

The comradery, pumping of adrenaline, and sweat you can taste, all complimented by the even sweeter taste of victory are why sports are treasured by many. Playing Basketball or paintball can you make feel invincible, but playing a new unique sport that pushes the limits of imagination and plays by unprecedented rules can make you feel immortal.

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Enter, Hasbro’s Nerfball, the first-ever official sport of Nerf that molds aspects of paintball and basketball into a high-octane sport so many people don’t know exists, at least until now.

Of course, you may know about Nerf, but the official sport Nerfball is a new phenomenon that launched over 50 years ago after the debut of the original Nerf foam ball.


First Nerfball tournament

The first-ever Nerfball tournament comprised four, 4-minute quarters, where the two teams competed with astonishing intensity. Players were each assigned a position – Defender, Midfielder, and Runner – and used an official NERF PRO LEAGUE ball, NERF PRO STRYFE X blaster, and NERF PRO darts to attain points in two ways; shoot the NERFBALL through the net for six points or hit an opposing player with a dart for one point. In 2024, NERF will roll out hit detection gear with proprietary foam incorporating XO-Nano technology, giving players a way to detect dart hits in real time.

“In 2019, we set out as a team on a journey to invent the first official sport of NERF and along the way created some of the most break frame technology to enhance the playing experience. Our vision for NERF continues to be to fuel the future of social active play & the launch of NERFBALL is one incredible milestone as we continue to build on that vision,” said Adam Kleinman, SVP & GM, NERF, Hasbro. “Being able to answer the question, ‘Did I get hit’ through industry leading innovation is certainly a dream come true and something we are so excited to bring to consumers around the world.”


You’re welcome to join the action, beginning in 2024, you can experience NERFBALL firsthand at NERF Action Xperience (NERF AX) at Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey. The franchising of NERFBALL paves the way for the new NERF Sports feature to reach audiences all across the world.

“For nearly 55 years, NERF has built its reputation across the globe as the go-to social active play brand. NERF AX acts as an extension of this lifestyle, inviting fans and families to join for thrilling experiences, dynamic gaming and much more,” said Matt Proulx, VP, Global Experiences, Partnerships and Music at Hasbro. “We have big plans for NERF AX in 2024, with North American locations set to open in New Jersey and Tennessee. To add to the excitement, fans who visit NERF AX at New Jersey’s Garden State Plaza mall will be among the first to play NERFBALL. Keep an eye out for updates so you can come by and put your skills to the test!”


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