INVINCIBLE Creator Robert Kirkman Reveals How Many Seasons It Would Take To Tell Entire Story

Robert Kirkman shares how many seasons he think it'll take to tell the whole story of 'Invincible'

Since the first season of Invincible premiered on Prime Video in March 2021, the animated superhero series was an instant hit and it was all thanks to the big twists, violent graphics, story, and emotions packed in it. The series was such a success that some of the characters are being used for Memes and GIFs to date.

Just before its first-season finale dropped in April 2021, Amazon renewed it for seasons 2 and 3. The series which was based on the comics of the same name was created by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. In an interview with Polygon that was published on September 5, Kirkman had a lot to say about the upcoming seasons including the number of seasons it’ll take to tell the entire story.

How Many Seasons Will It Take To Tell Invincible’s Story?

The outlet asked The Walking Dead creator to give his two cents on how many seasons he thinks it’ll take to tell the whole story and also enquired if the series will stick to the comics’ storyline or not. In response, Kirkman who couldn’t pinpoint the exact number of seasons it may take, took a guess and said it’ll take more than six seasons to tell the whole story.

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“I think in the seven-to-eight-season range seems like it would be enough. But there could be some things we move through a little faster, some things we expand. If we’re fortunate enough to go for a good long time, I think that would be enough to cover the entire comic. And there are some things along the way that didn’t get into the comic that I’d like to do. I think it’d be cool to have some episodes here and there that are completely original. So that’s part of the plan moving forward.”

— Robert Kirkman —

Other Questions And Answers From Kirkman’s Interview

When asked if Invincible Season 2 will focus more on the relationship between Invincible and his dad Omni-Man since Season 1 focused more on Invincible than his dad, Kirkman made it known that despite how viral Omni-Man’s memes have gone, it should be known that the story is about Invincible and not Omni-Man. Kirkman also answered the question of whether the next season will follow the comics’ progression. He explained that he knows what the audience wants and is certain that they’ll get it.

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What Kirkman meant was that the people who have read the comics might be expecting something from the comics in the upcoming season but they’ll be surprised with what they’ll get, and the same goes for people who haven’t read the comics at all. Either way, their audience will be happy with the result.

“So I love having the comic as a roadmap, and being able to sit back and say, ‘OK, people are expecting this, but they don’t know they’re getting this, because they haven’t read the comic. And people who have read the comic might be expecting this, but we’re going to be giving them this.’ So they’re going to be surprised, too. It’s great to be able to sit back and play with those expectations.

So without altering the story in any way, I think fans who are dying for more Omni-Man are going to be happy, and fans who are just invested in seeing the comic book story told are going to be happy. I’m very bullish on season 2 of Invincible. I’m anxious to see what people think of it.”

— Robert Kirkman —

Summary Of Invincible Season 1

The series is about a high school teenager Mark Grayson aka Invincible (voiced by Steven Yeun) who grew up watching his superhero dad Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man (voiced by J.K. Simmons) save Earth with his superhero friends known as Guardians of the Globe. At the age of 17, Mark got his superhero powers and when he was taken to get his first real superhero suit by Omni-Man, Mark decided his superhero name would be Invincible.

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Afterward, Invincible found himself struggling between being a normal teenager like his peers and being a superhero like his dad. Unknown to him, Omni-Man isn’t who he thinks he is, as he had gone on to secretly murder the Guardians of the Globe, and pretend not to know anything about their death when he was questioned.

Invincible later got involved with other teenage superheroes like himself and at some point discovered that his classmate Samantha Eve Wilkins was in fact, Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs). Invincible’s mom Debbie (voiced by Sandra Oh) discovered later on that her husband was actually responsible for the death of the Guardians but kept mute about it out of fear.

One of the Guardians Rudy, who was killed alongside the other Guardians was later cloned by Global Defense Agency Director Cecil Stedman. After waking Rudy, the immortal headed straight to the young Guardians who are now, Invincible and his teen superhero colleagues. There, Rudy revealed how Omni-Man murdered him and his friends, and that he was on a mission to avenge them.

Meanwhile, Cecil sent a Kaiju to kill Omni-Man but Invincible managed to subdue it. Omni-Man killed Rudy in Invincible’s presence before proceeding to tell him the truth about his origin. Omni-Man told Invincible that he was an alien from the Viltrum Empire sent to conquer Earth and tried to convince his son to join him in his quest. Failing to take his father’s side resulted in a brutal fight between the father and son.

After being beaten to a pulp by Omni-Man, Invisible managed to remind his dad of his love for his family. A remorseful Nolan tearfully flees Earth without carrying out his mission. After his two weeks of treatment, Mark decided to finish high school.

Returning And Additional Characters

Invincible Season 2 will be a two-part series with Part 1 debuting on Prime Video on Nov. 3, and Part 2 debuting in early 2024. Returning characters include superheroes Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs), Rex Splode (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas), and Robot (voiced by Zachary Quinto).

The series also teased additional characters but their roles are still unknown. The characters include: Peter Cullen, Paul F. Tompkins, Ben Schwartz, Phil LaMarr, Tatiana Maslany, Sterling K. Brown, Daveed Diggs, Jay Pharoah, and Tim Robinson.

Seeing how Omni-Man fled from Earth, do you think Omni-Man will join forces with Invincible and his team if the Viltrumites later invade Earth? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media. Keep following the Illuminerdi for more Prime Video content like this, we’re always watching.

SOURCE: Polygon

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