In the aftermath of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury and the WGA strike, Hasbro and Netflix are back to work on Jonathan Entwistle's Power Rangers reboot.
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UPDATE: 10/04/2023, 5:10 PM PT

We’ve been in contact with a Hasbro Rep who has informed us that while the reboot is a priority, the writers are standing strong in solidarity with SAG / AFTRA and won’t continue working until the strike is resolved.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury has come and gone to commemorate 30 years of Ranger History and bid farewell to not only our favorite teenagers with attitude but generations of heroes we grew up with. Even though we parted ways with all of those rangers, we’re on the verge of meeting The Power Rangers who will change the course of history in Jonathan Entwistle’s upcoming reboot.

For those of you who aren’t caught up with what’s been going on behind the scenes, a Power Rangers reboot was announced about five years ago with Jonathan Entwistle(The End of The F..king World, I Am Not Okay With This) onboard as the director. Later, Jenny Klein(Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, Daisy Jones & The Six) joined the crew to captain the ship as the showrunner. Throughout that time as well as the time that followed there have been large gaps of silence.

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Now that the WGA strike has ended, Hasbro and Netflix have prioritized the writing on the reboot to be resumed immediately.

According to Twitter scooper Jinsakuu, The “scrapped” Entwisle film written by Bryan Edward Hill will be turned into the first two episodes and then the rest of the episodes will follow.

Enter The The Entwistle Era Of Power Rangers

Power Rangers writer Jonathan Entwistle.

Though unconfirmed, all these details are lined up with everything we know thus far. The late Jason David Frank’s legacy as Tommy Oliver is pivotal to the reboot, as indicated by Jonathan Entwistle himself. We’ll be introduced to an entire team of Rangers in a new universe, but we’ll be meeting some familiar faces like Zordon.

There’s also a female Red Ranger and LGBTQ+ representation. We have no knowledge of the villains as of this time of writing but it is unlikely that the original plans for Lord Zedd to be the primary antagonist remain intact.

Jonathan Enwistle Power Rangers JDF

Considering how we’ll be meeting a new team of Rangers, there was some uncertainty regarding how Tommy Oliver’s legacy would impact the plot, but I must say having the Green Ranger as the leader would be a welcomed change to pay respects to Jason David Frank and all that he has done for the Power Rangers franchise.

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In regards to Power Rangers, Hasbro has always been most invested in the reboot. Now that the series has concluded, and the WGA strike is finally over after five months of dealing with AMPTP’s stupidity, it’s time to get the ball rolling for this new era of Power Rangers.

“Hasbro’s main interest was always in the Young Adult Jonathan Entwhistle series that had been in development since late 2019 or early 2020. This was intended to be a hard reboot, more sophisticated, aimed at an older audience, without any dependency on Sentai or established canon. However, development seemed to be going very slowly. I don’t think Dino Fury season 2, or Cosmic Fury would have happened if it had been ready.

These were stop-gap seasons intended to keep the show ticking over and supporting toy sales in the meantime. When development resumes on the Entwhistle project after the Hollywood strikes finish, I wouldn’t expect to see it going into Production until late 2024 at the earliest – so on-air sometime in 2025.”

– Simon Bennett via Heat’d


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Source: Jinsakuu


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