The Noble Collection Unveils Minecraft-Inspired Collectibles Launching at NYCC 2023

The Noble Collection introduces its first-ever Minecraft-inspired collectibles, offering fans a tangible piece of their favorite virtual world
The Noble Collection x Minecraft

The world of Minecraft, a game cherished by millions, is about to get even more tangible. The Noble Collection, renowned for its premium collectibles, has announced the launch of its first-ever game-inspired product line dedicated to Minecraft. This exciting unveiling is set to take place exclusively at the New York Comic Con on October 12-13, with a broader release scheduled for October 14 through the company’s official website and select retailers.

Exclusive First Look at New York Comic Con

The Noble Collection x Minecraft

Attendees of the New York Comic Con will have the privilege of being the first to lay their hands on these collector replicas. The spotlight will be on the Diamond Sword Collector Replica, which will be available for pre-order exclusively for those attending the Con.

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The collection doesn’t stop at the Diamond Sword. Fans can also look forward to the Torch Illuminating Collector Replica, Overworld Heroes vs Hostile Mobs Chess Set, Redstone Ore and Diamond Ore Illuminating Collector Replicas, and the Illuminating Potion Bottle. These items, priced between $34.99 and $59.99, promise to be a treat for both collectors and casual fans alike.

Julian Montoya, Senior Vice President of The Noble Collection, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The Noble Collection’s collaboration with Minecraft represents a union of two iconic brands, each dedicated to creating captivating experiences for fans. We’ve poured our passion for craftsmanship into these collectibles to provide new and existing fans the opportunity to bring their in-game world into everyday life.”

Bringing the Game to Life

The Minecraft Collector Replicas are more than just collectibles; they’re a bridge between the virtual and the real. By combining Minecraft’s distinctive blocky design with real-world textures like wood, stone, and precious minerals, The Noble Collection has crafted a unique aesthetic that’s unmistakably Minecraft yet refreshingly tangible.

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This collaboration between The Noble Collection and Microsoft, announced in 2022, marks a significant milestone. It’s not just about creating merchandise but about paying tribute to a game that has touched the lives of so many.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

The Noble Collection x Minecraft

Since its inception in 1991, The Noble Collection has been at the forefront of creating meticulously detailed collectibles that resonate with fans worldwide. Their dedication to quality and authenticity has earned them the respect and admiration of collectors, casual consumers, and ardent fans of globally recognized properties.

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For those eager to stay updated with the latest from The Noble Collection, they can visit and follow the brand on Facebook, X, and Instagram.

About The Noble Collection

Established in 1991, The Noble Collection stands as a beacon in the world of premium collectibles and merchandise. Their portfolio boasts of licensed products from iconic franchises like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Lord of the Rings, and now, Minecraft. With a focus on authenticity and intricate detailing, The Noble Collection has carved a niche for itself, offering products that are a blend of artistry and fandom. Whether online or at their Covent Garden shop in London, fans can immerse themselves in a world of magic, adventure, and nostalgia.

The Noble Collection

Are you excited about The Noble Collection’s Minecraft-inspired collectibles? Which item are you most looking forward to? How do you think these collectibles will enhance the Minecraft experience? Share your thoughts with social media and dive into the world of Minecraft like never before!

Source: The Noble Collection

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