Mickie James Says Dominik Mysterio Wrestles Like A ’20-Year Veteran’ And ‘Is Incredible’

Mickie James had high praise for the work of rising WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio.
WWE Dominik Mysterio,

Mickie James is shocked by how good Dominik Mysterio is while still being so young in his wrestling career. Every so often a second or third-generation wrestler makes a successful career in the wrestling business.  However, it is rare that they are able to live up to their family name or their legacy.

James has been in the industry for over 20 years.  She has seen wrestlers come and go.  In that time she has seen second and third-generation wrestlers get a shot in WWE and has seen them fail and fade away.  

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However, a third-generation wrestler has made a huge impact on James and really impressed her.  On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, she talked about how much Dominik Mysterio has impressed her since his WWE debut. She stated the following:

“Can I say, Dom, is incredible. I know he’s a bad guy and we’re supposed to hate him. But I think, we look and I’m going, ‘Where did he train?’ This is like really interesting. It’s not like we watched Dominik on the independents or like in an organization, a smaller organization, where we knew Dom was training to be a wrestler, prior to showing up on WWE television.”

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WWE Dominik Mysterio
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Dominik Mysterio Has Big Shoes To Fill In A Very Short Time

Dominik began his training in 2019 and made his debut in WWE in 2020.  It is hard to believe that he has been able to have high-profile matches and feuds with so little experience.  Like James had mentioned it is incredible that he has only been wrestling for a few years.

Dominik being able to handle the pressure and keep up is even more amazing when his dad is one of the greatest lucha libre wrestlers of all time, Rey Mysterio Jr.  Dominik has huge shoes to fill and so far he has no problem filling those shoes.

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Dominik and his father, Rey, have extremely different styles in the ring so it isn’t a one-to-one comparison.  However, they are still going to be compared and Dominik has done a lot to separate himself from his father.

WWE Dominik Mysterio
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James has a theory as to why Dominik has become so good so quickly in WWE.  She thinks his growing up in the business has allowed him to soak up and learn knowledge that would take other wrestlers years to learn. She continued:

“He has quietly, obviously he’s a student of the game, he’s been around the business, [it’s] pretty much the family business, but I never heard about Dom training to be a wrestler or any of that. So to think that he’s quietly been training this whole time prior to coming to TV. No one knew what to expect when he was going to be a wrestler, and he’s just completely killed it.”

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Damian Priest,
Rhea Ripley,
"Dirty" Dominik Mysterio The Judgement Day
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Dom Has Accomplished A Lot In His Short Career

Since debuting in WWE, Dominik Mysterio has wrestled with and against his father.  During this time he was just Rey’s son and looked good, but was bland.  That all changed when he joined The Judgement Day.  Once that happened he really came into his own.  His “relationship” with Rhea Ripley has made for very interesting moments.  The pair have a very genuine chemistry which seems effortless on TV.

James recognizes Dominik’s natural and effortless ability in the ring.  She went as far as to say that he looks like a 10 or 20-year wrestling veteran.

“Just the natural ability and the natural … it’s the little things. It’s the little things that you can see him doing that he looks like he’s a 10-, 20-year veteran out there,” James said. “A lot of his euphemisms, body languages, all these little things, we’re going to look back on how we do in wrestling, and 10 years from now, you’re going to say Dominik Mysterio is one of the greats. And it’s crazy to think about, but just like … look how much heat he has.

“He’s already really great, and I don’t really love to say that about young talent because I feel like it kind of heeds people and their learning capabilities and they start to think that they’re already great before they are great.”

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WWE Dominik Mysterio, Dragon Lee
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In Dominik’s short time with WWE, he has already won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with his dad and is a two-time NXT North American champion.  He will certainly win much more gold.  Being so young and already so good the sky’s the limit as to what he can achieve in WWE.

Do you agree with James that Dominik Mysterio is incredible with his work, or is he overhyped?  If not, what do you think he is missing to make him great?  Do you think being Rey Mysterio’s son and growing up in the business has helped him learn faster?  Would he be as good without The Judgement Day?  What about without Ripley?  Let us know if you think he will be the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion or World Heavyweight champion within the next two years on our social media.

SOURCE: Busted Open Radio, Wrestling Inc.

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