Ranger Academy #1 Unleashes a Fresh Start with New Lore and Big Cameos

Ranger Academy #1 unleashes a new level of lore while continuing the story of Sage, Tula, and Mathis new cameos

Ranger Academy #1 unleashes a new level of lore while continuing the story of Sage, Tula, and Mathis. The latest release from Boom! Studios reveals the campus for the first time as Maria Ingrande Mora unveils the location featured in the Ranger universe. The first issue delivers the first tour of the intergalactic school that trains new heroes for the Morphin Grid. From teased features to unexpected cameos, here is the full dive into the first release of the latest Power Rangers comic book.

Power Rangers Ranger Academy is the new story featuring in the Power Rangers universe that has been written by Maria Ingrande Mora. The new Boom! Studios comic was previously released as a special issue for the Free Comic Book Day launched this year. The amazing art included in the comics was created by Jo Mi-Gyeong, with color by Fabiana Mascolo and lettering by Cardinal Rae and Ed Dukeshire. The first issue released this October marks the start of a new series, which will debut a new side to the Morphin Grid Universe.

Ranger Academy #1 Stuns with Incredible Debuts & Teases More Surprises 

The new series has begun a new story that allows readers to explore the Morphin Grid in a fresh light. The main characters featured in the comic include Sage, Tula, and Mathis, but a range of additional characters also feature. The first part of the comic is the same as the teased special issue released for the Free Comic Book Day, up until page 23 as the rest finally debuts. The first issue includes great character interactions but also hosts a sea of new lore that is expected to debut in greater depth.

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Character Interactions and Perspectives

The audience gets to see Power Rangers in the eyes of Sage, who simply does not know what a Power Ranger is. This allows the comic to be a marvelous introduction to new fans, while also introducing some new features exclusive to the series. After page 22, you get to see the comedic exchange between Sage and the others as she works on pretending to be there with her father’s permission, but the best moment is their reaction to the Ranger Academy. Her take on the academy was exactly as you’d expect from a student attending high school for the time, which was very relatable.

Brand New Locations within the Universe

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The Ranger Academy Campus is a visual spectacle that features the core Ranger colors as part of the building. The vibrance of each area straight away illustrates the magnitude of the site, suggesting the students are sorted into colors. The locations featured also confirmed that the students have a matching stripe according to the campus they stay in. This includes Red for Tula and Yellow for Mantis, with classrooms seen in Tula’s Campus to include a Zordon-like tube. The classrooms also give a Power Rangers Hyperforce vibe as the Time Force Academy that has never been seen in the Table-top RPG series. 

Surprising Cameo and New Lore

The first issue featured the first legendary cameo as the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger appears as one of the teachers in the Red Campus. This is revealed to be a feature of the academy as lecturers can be any Ranger from across space and time. This format of the school is also revealed to have a form of stages, including first years being those that haven’t Morphed yet. This means that anyone recruited to become a Ranger doesn’t start as one, with even greater information teased at the bottom of the first release in the series.

Fantastic Extra Featured as Orientation Guide 

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The overwhelming yet unexpected addition to the starting issue is the Ranger Academy Orientation Guide found at the end of the comic. Learning about the whole concept of Ranger Academy is possible thanks to this fictional document, which adds background information to the overall series. The highlights include information from the Headmaster of the Academy, different locations of interest, and details about the domes and color-coordinated campuses. However, the most striking information was revealed each year by students, such as what happens at each stage and the exciting reveal about how to get your color, your Zord, and find your team. 

Overall impression of Ranger Academy 

With just one issue, the comic series created by Maria Ingrande Mora has redefined what we know of the Power Rangers universe. So much has been delivered by the starting release, with so much still to come. This is just the beginning because aside from the official debut of the Academy, there has yet to be any form of event that needs to be resolved. As the first issue for the new series, fans will be in for an exciting ride since this new lore in the Ranger universe will host surprises for both OG fans and even new fans. Absolutely can’t wait for the next issue and find out what adversity the three Rangers in training will face. 

For an exciting start, teasing a big new story, and revealing a refreshing concept within the Power Rangers universe, I give Ranger Academy a score of 8 out of 10.

Power Rangers Ranger Academy #1 is now available in comic shops, with 7 variant issues possible to collect. A Boom! Direct Reserve exclusive cover is also available, which was created by Chrissie Zullo. Find out what campus you should be in by using the following link.

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