Loki Season 2 Premiere Features This Sneaky Moon Knight Easter Egg You Might Have Missed!

Check out this sneaky Moon Knight Easter Egg in Loki Season 2 premiere you might have missed!
Moon Knight And Loki

Loki‘s Season 2 premiere has garnered praise from both fans and critics alike. The first episode aired on Thursday, October 5 and the episodes that follow afterward will be released every Thursday at 6 pm on Disney+. Fans who have been waiting for the series have started to point out some easter eggs in Episode 1. One of those easter eggs is connected with a particularly popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


At the beginning of the episode, Tom Hiddleston’s character is seen running from various TVA agents. Casey, a fan-favorite from the first season, is seen wearing headphones while cleaning. This might’ve been quick to miss but when Loki crashes into the scene, you can hear a voice coming from the headphones saying, “Solving puzzles is a great way to keep your mind awake.” This might not seem unusual to the casual viewer but if you are a die-hard Marvel fanatic, you probably recognize that voice and line.

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Last year, Moon Knight was first introduced to the MCU as a Disney+ series. The series starred Oscar Isaac as a mild-mannered museum worker Steven Grant who realizes that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which leads to his other persona taking over control of his body and becomes the vigilante Moon Knight. In the first episode of the show, we learn that Grant has a bad habit of waking up in strange places after going to sleep so a way he would cope in not staying awake is by doing multiple puzzles while also listening to the same recording that Casey is listening to.

This is a nod to the Moon Knight series and it is interesting to see that Casey is trying to stay awake while on the job. Working non-stop at the TVA with so much importance in keeping the Sacred Timeline in check 24/7 is important, and it’s fun to see that Loki used that recording as a small easter egg.

moon knight


Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have become the directors for Season 2 of Loki. They were the ones who also took on Moon Knight and according to producer Kevin Wright, they had eyes on the duo for a while and when it was time to work on the new season, they instantly decided to bring them on board. Kevin Wright spoke on the subject during a recent interview with, stating the following:

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“They went on the Moon Knight and it was like this really kind of circle path of they were doing additional photography on Moon Knight and we had a number of scripts already ready to go on Loki and sent Kevin Feige to go recruit them off the set of Moon Knight and be like, ‘Hey, see if they want to come in and meet with Tom and I about Loki season two.'”

-Kevin Wright-

Wright continues on saying that he was grateful that the two directors took the meeting and that Hiddleston and himself were able to convince the directing duo to join the teams. His goal for the second season was to “change it up a little bit” and Benson and Moorhead were the ones who were able to do it.


Moon Knight
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The finale of Moon Knight left many fans wanting to see more of the character. In the comics, the character has 3 different identities: Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley. Throughout the season, fans were waiting patiently to see Lockley make his appearance. He is one of the most ruthless personalities out of the three and he’s the one who Khonshu likes working with since he finishes the job.

Fans were only able to meet Lockley at the end of the series and many hoped that a second season would happen. There has been no word about if there will be a second season. was able to speak to Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac about the character’s future. “There have been some specific conversations. They were pleasant. The spilling of the details is that there are no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it.”

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Even though Marvel Studios hasn’t said any official word about the character’s future in the MCU, you can watch (or rewatch) all six episodes of Moon Knight now exclusively on Disney+.

What do you guys think? Was the easter egg a fun catch in Season 2 of Marvel’s Loki? Did you notice it while watching the episode? What are your theories for what may happen in the series? Let us know and make sure to check out our socials! If you like articles like this, don’t forget to follow us for more.


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