Class is In Session in Your First Look at Ranger Academy #2

Ranger Academy #2 reveals the next issue of the new Power Rangers comic series. Boom! Studios unleashes a look at the new cover art, plus a sneak preview of the release.
Power Rangers - Ranger Academy

Ranger Academy #2 reveals the next installment of the brand-new Power Rangers comic series. Boom! Studios will be releasing the next issue this November, with amazing and captivating new cover art for the 2nd issue. The new covers tease two upcoming new characters, with amazing art featured such as the Yellow Campus cover. The first pages of the new comic issue for Ranger Academy have also been granted for fans to view as a teaser for the next upcoming chapter.

Ranger Academy has started a brand-new take on the Power Rangers universe as it reveals an Academy that specifically trains Rangers. The comic was first published as part of the Free Comic Book Day event held this year, with the first issue releasing the remaining pages for the start of the story.


Ranger Academy #1 featured introductions to Sage as she encounters Tula and Mathis. Despite her father’s objection, Sage manages to enter the Academy and discovers she has a lot to learn. The first issue for the series has already sold out on a distributor level, leading to a 2nd printing that was recently revealed.

Ranger Academy #2 Starts the First Day of Training

If you had a chance to join the POWER RANGERS, would you? Maria Ingrande Mora (The Immeasurable Depth of You), artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Eve: Children of the Moon), and colorist Fabiana Mascolo (Alice Ever After) follow 13-year-old Sage as she continues to ponder that very question in this first look from Ranger Academy #2!

Freshman year starts for Sage on her first day at Ranger Academy! But it’s hard for a girl so used to isolation to make friends amongst the Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink campuses, even with her new classmate Lindy.

But given that this is no ordinary academy, Sage will have her fair share of secrets to uncover…and what connection does her paranoid father have to the mysteries of the school?

Ranger Academy #2 features a main cover by Miguel Mercado (Magic) with variants by Jo Mi-Gyeong and Rian Gonzales (Mighty Morphin) along with a red blank sketch cover emulating the power of the Red Rangers.

The latest comic in the Power Rangers universe has already stirred excitement as the story features a fresh new concept. The first issue brilliantly introduced the trio of characters, along with the visually stunning Chroma Campuses they will be studying in. The latest cover revealed for the 2nd Printing of Ranger Academy #1 has revealed that 2 new characters will be introduced.

Thanks to Variant Cover C, we now know their names will be Theo and Sage, who appear to be 1st year students like Sage. It will be exciting to see if they will debut in this upcoming issue, along with covering the secrets teased in the series. As the volume already leaked what fans could expect in the first 4 issues, the wait will be crushing for fans who want to find out what is revealed next.

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Ranger Academy #2 will be available in comic shops on November 1, 2023. It is available for pre-order at your local comic shop. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle. The new issue will include a Boom! Direct Reserve exclusive, yet to be revealed, and the following covers are available upon release.

  • Ranger Academy #2 A Main: SEP230087
  • Ranger Academy #2 B Red Blank Sketch Variant: SEP230088
  • Ranger Academy #2 C 1:10 INCV: SEP230089
  • Ranger Academy #2 D 1:25 INCV: SEP230090

What do you think of the Power Rangers spinoff comic, Ranger Academy #2? Are you excited about the next issue of the Boom! Studios series? Did you obtain the first issue of the comic during the first printing run? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.

SOURCE: Boom! Studios

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